just like him

the first time I met zayn, I fell in love . we started a relationship, our love grew even bigger than before.It got strong enough to that we got married . we promised we wouldn't hurt each other, if its feelings or physical. But that promise broke.
But once he leave I am left with the child that is 'just like him'; the way she act , the way she moves, everything
you're just like him zaya malik Edwards , and I wish you weren't.


4. billboard music award

two year later

    After zaya was born me and zayn had got closer a bit more, I guess zaya is like a little love magnet . But some time we start fighting because of zaya, so she is also a hate whisperer(err.. maybe I choose the wrong name: how about trouble child). zaya finally turned two years old a few months ago , we threw a little party for her, some paparazzi came and took some pictures . It didn't bother us much because it was only a party for a little kid.

      Anyways, today we were invited to the 'billboard music awards'. I got dressed, I put on a purple dress which showed my back a little and black high heels. I did my make up and hair, once I was done I looked at my self in the mirror and smiled. zayn came up to me and hugged me ;

" you look beautiful" he whispered

"thanks babe", I smiled and kissed him on his cheek," I got to dress zaya"

"okay I'll start the car", he left

      I went to Zeya's room, she was standing up on her crib.

" hi baby" I said sweetly, she bounced up and down

    I picked her up and changed her. I put a blue and black dress with black flats , I smiled, zayn entered the room and kissed us both.

"are you ready?" he asked

"yes" I picked up zaya, and walked out side to the car.

 I put her in the baby seat, I went to the passenger seat.it wasn't that long of a drive but it was a very silent one , in till zaya broke the silence by crying. I turned around and looked at the window, there were paparazzi every where. we parked our car in the under ground parking lot .

we went through the red carpet, fans and paparazzi were taking picture

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