The Little Mermaid

Have you see the film called is Aquamarine? Yeah! Now before I start...

A girl is friend of Aquamarine. But... Take a look... My name is Oceana. My parent call me that name. I swam away from home because my parent force me to marry someone that I don't know.

Now she have one year to live on surfaces... She wish she could found true love but who?

Meanwhile there are a handsome 'Prince', everyone called him, name is Luke Hemmings. He live in Australia but he was in the band, it called 5 Second of Summer. He met a beautiful mermaid that he never see before but he can't see her face because she was under the sea.

Have Luke fall in love with her? What happening if he found out that Oceana is a mermaid?

Let find out!


2. Chapter 1

The Little Mermaid


Oceana POV

I swam away from my parents because they force me to get married to someone.

I don't like it!

I want to know if this person likes my things.

It like we get in a comment or something.

I want that!

I tried to explain to my parents, but they weren't listening to me.

That's why I swam away from them.

Don't worry, and I left my flower hair clip on my bed.

It's always on my brown hair with purple dip dye.

Oh, I didn't know if you have met me before.

My name is Oceana, but everyone calls me Ocean because of my eye colour.

I found a little boat with that machine thing that goes too fast and hurt to weak fish

You know what?

I'm going there and stop the machine.

So, I went to that boat with a rock in my hand and threw it into the machine.

Suddenly, I look up at someone walked to the machine, the handsome boy, and I went to the machine to remove the rock.

I got a wired feeling that this boy looked at my tail, but I don't care, and I was so busy to remove the stone.

Finally, it's free now..!

I pull away from the machine and look up at the boy.

I met his eyes, it was a blue, and he has blonde hair.

I wonder who it was?

I was shocked and swam away as fast as I could before the boy says something.

What have I thought?


No, Oceana!

I just met him.

I sigh sadly.

How should I find this 'true love'?

I swam to the sand and when I looked there were lots of people. I can't!


I can do it!

I swam away from them to get the island, Mako Island, and I found the place, the one under the pool everyone talked about back home, it's called Dormant Volcano.

Finally, I'm all alone!

I sat on the stairs, and I guess if I will get power.


Did I mention that I have power, didn't I?


I have heat power and frozen power.

After I put my heat power on my tail, I was staring at my leg, and I tried to stand up, but I feel cold on my naked body.

I look down.


It was!

I scream.

I place both hands of mine on my lip.

I need some clothes, but I don't have any.

I sigh sadly.

I'll probably be mad at the people would see me in the naked body. 

That would be awful and embarrassing!

I sigh sadly.

Then, I can hear a voice came from out of the pool.

I must be panicked because I don't have clothes with me.

I have to hide before the person came in.

I stand up, feeling like dizzy and lose balance, but I don't care!

Every time I tried to stand up, I just fell over.

I hurt my knee!


I groan.

I can hear that voice coming closer and closer. 

I roll down in a big cover rock, and the voice came in.

I climb myself up to stand up on the stone.

"Hello!" A voice says when it comes in.

It sounds like a boy's voice.

"Is anyone in there?" A boy asked with a strong accent.


Is it Australia accent?

I was about to say something, but a boy interrupts me.

I was surprised by it!

"Why are you standing there?" A boy asked.

I sigh sadly.

"Well... Come out if you like to." A boy continues.

I tried not to because of my naked body...

"I would like to, but I don't have any clothes with me!"  I tried to explain, not this boy to laughter.

But he didn't..!

"Oh! Right! Here..." He gives me a long sleeve.

I take it.

I wore it on my body, and the sleeve reached to my knee. 

"Come out when you've finished!" A boy says.


Oceana, please just doesn't fall in love with this boy!

I sigh sadly.

I'm ready to see this boy.

I walk around on the rock slowly, and I was surprised by seeing this boy.

It was the same boy who I met on the little boat.

He looks surprised to see me too.

"Whoa!" A boy says.

I wonder if he didn't notice me anything?!

I hope not!


Hi, everyone,

So sorry about updating this story!

I am trying to do my best!


I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Meli out!

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