Behind The Mask

A collection of poetry about mental illnesses, bullying and abuse. Warning: this book contains some things about rape, self-harm, drug use, eating disorders and abuse.


2. Suicidal

One final breath to be taken,
These are the tears of the forsakened,

A single line is brought to morn,
No one knows the regret of being born,

Every day turns to a war,
Is this life worth fighting for,

Pain mixed with pleasure,
A piece of silver she will treasure,

On pale white, red is spilled,
Another desire unfufilled,

Bubbling anger under the skin,
Poking bones, still not thin,

Laying still on a bed,
Fingertips lacing an angry red,

Still the people mimic and point,
Once again the tears are joined,

The sudden burts of a noise,
Finally she made her choice.

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