Behind The Mask

A collection of poetry about mental illnesses, bullying and abuse. Warning: this book contains some things about rape, self-harm, drug use, eating disorders and abuse.


8. Stolen Innocence

Once she was smiling,
Now she is always crying,

A broken heart from the innocence taken,
Lord knows she was forsaken,

How many times must she pretend,
You took her life, then your friend,

Every touch burned her skin,
Now no man will she let in,

Was it worth it when you heard her scream,
Your face is all she can see when she dreams,

Now and then she breaks down,
But never does she make a sound,

Backed in a corner she lives in regret,
How many times has she wept,

Now every night her screams make her broken,
All because of the innocence stolen. 

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