Behind The Mask

A collection of poetry about mental illnesses, bullying and abuse. Warning: this book contains some things about rape, self-harm, drug use, eating disorders and abuse.


19. Social Outcast

A smile for the broken,

A tear for the lost,

We are the outcasts, the lonely and forgotten,

The voices in the background that no body hears,

We are the people that you do not know but fear,

Standing out from the cliché law,

Yet it is this, that is our flaw,

From one side to another,

Everywhere in the world,

There is an outcast left to fade,

Cheer for the perfect,

Bow for the cliché,

To fit in you pretend to be okay,

Here's to the forsaken,

Lost in their way,

Keep being different, no matter what people say.

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