The Curious Case Of Derek Hale:from the ashes it begins


2. Fetus Derek's POV

I was just starting to dribble a basketball with my friends until a very very and I mean very beautiful girl came into my view and asked if we could keep it down because she had to work on her viola skills.

I tried to ask her what her name was but she had only given me few seconds before shunning me so I tried to play around with her by asking her to try and take my ball so she tried and wasn't fast enough and since she's no pro basketball player she only embarrassed herself and she turned around and went straight back into the music room. I felt really bad about acting like that because she didn't deserve that do I followed her into the room and apologized and asked her name she said she would tell me her name if I could play any instrument in the room so I picked the easiest and smallest instrument I could find..A triangle and I dinged it lightly she then said "my names Paige" i smiled as I said my names- I know your name she says and I don't think I ever smiled more widely.

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