Here He Comes

Harry Styles has stole just about every girls virginity at Olympia High except Brittney Shalltin, the lead cheer leader but this time, she just can't stay away.


4. Saturday Sun

I lounged  in the hammock reading my book again for the 10th time. I finished the book and the report the day we got the project which was two weeks ago. My phone buzzed and guess who it was, Harry. He was calling me for the tenth time. "Hello Harry. Whats up?" "Britt, look over your fence into the neighbors back yard and tell me what you see." "Um, OK" I got up and looked over. "You bought that house! What the hell!" "Come to the fence, we need to talk." I hung up and actually hopped the fence. "So, whats up pussy-cat?" I asked referring to last night."Will you come over tonight for dinner, my mum knows if I want to fuck someone so she wants to meet you." "Umm, OK sure, I'll come." 

It was 6:00 and Harry texted me to come by 6:30 so I was getting ready. I had thought about Harry wanting to have sex with me so just in case, I packed my little secret weapon. I walked over to his house nervously. He answered the door and I could clearly tell his mother told him what to wear, a tux, but he looked pretty cute. 

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