Here He Comes

Harry Styles has stole just about every girls virginity at Olympia High except Brittney Shalltin, the lead cheer leader but this time, she just can't stay away.


3. Harry Animal Calls

 That night, Harry kept calling me over and over again so I sent him a text. He was coming over to my house at 1:30 A.M. on a Friday night. He threw rocks at my window so I pulled him up. "Fuck Harry! How much do you way?" I almost fell out of the window but I didn't. "So Harry, what are you here for?" I said pissed off. "To make love with you." He said it so smoothly and rehearsed. "Harry, I'm a virgin and I plan to stay that way until I get married." He seemed blown back like I was insane not toget fucked by him tonight. "Fine then, suit yourself." He hopped out of the window. All I heard was a thunk and fuck.

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