Jocelynn is about to be Determined. On her birthday she will attend The Zenith, drink the Elixir, and find out what she is supposed to do for the rest of her life. This ceremony will direct her life, choose her fate- but is she ready for what she will learn?


6. Chapter VI

        The trip back to The Gate passed by uneventfully. It took a whole day longer since we were no longer on such a tight deadline. The first thing that we did was go the Henry’s house. Jared had knocked on the door and Melissa answered before calling for her father. Now, we sitting in his basement recounting our journey.

        “But, you got the Elixir?” Henry checked after we finished our story.

        Jared rolls his eyes and shakes his head at the same time. This pretty much proves my previous theory: He does care more about some magical potion than us.

        “Yes, the Elixir is fine and so are we. Thanks for asking.” He gave me a false apologetic glance as I say this. Then, he reaches forward for us to hand him the Elixir. Jared and I don’t move or give any indication as to which one of us has it.

        Jared decides to play the negotiator. “First, tell us why it was stolen in the first place. Doesn’t it only work on the solstices for certain people?”

        Henry huffs, clearly not pleased about the turn of events. “No, it works all of the time. We just say that so that people don’t steal it.” I still wonder why someone would steal it. He answers that before I am able to ask saying, “If everyone knew that everyday they could come and get a free prophecy pertaining to their life… it would be chaos!”

        Jared looks thoughtful. “Okay. So?”

        “So,” the governor continues, “the Elixir doesn’t just prophecy. It can… develop certain traits in a person. This happens automatically for certain humans called Zenites. They develop special powers that others don’t have. Given enough of the Elixir some humans would develop lesser talents in time but not everyone.”

        So that is what it means to be a Zenite. And I will develop more powers! I still think that I sort of flew after catching the Elixir and now I have reason to believe that that could be true!

        “That’s the only reason that man wanted the Elixir?” Henry nods. “How did he get away? The fall should’ve killed him,” I ask.

        He looks me in the eye as if the answer were obvious. “You survived, didn’t you?” Then he stands up, showing that he has the authority again. “Now, hand over the Elixir.” With a little reluctance, I pull the cool sphere from a pocket in my cloak and set it in his rough palm.

        Jared stands without a backward glance and starts toward the door. I begin to follow but, we both stop to listen to his next words to us, “Forget all of this. You will regret it if this information spreads.”

        With his threat hanging in the air I march forward again up the stairs. When we get outside I slip a small vial into Jared’s hand. He grins at me and says goodbye. In my own hand I grasp my own vial. I can practically feel the power of the Elixir through the crystal holder, like a storm raging between my fingers.

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