Shattered Skyes

She had it all, Thea's was great and by great I mean invisible. But all that seemed change when a mysterious family moved to her miserable, boring, no good small town


1. Caught Up In A Dream

I am all out of breath, I'm all alone and I'm scared I new what was going on and couldn't prevent it I was having it again "the dream" at Least that's what my Psychiatrist calls it. I call it a curse, if all you ever dreamed about was "death, War & love" you would probably call it a curse to.

You see ever since this new mysterious family moved to town I've been having this terrible dream and it always starts out the same. I'm standing on the Oregon Coast sun kissed and wearing this white dress that suits me in all the right places. You know those dresses that you see Greek goddesses wearing in school textbooks that's how my dress looks and I look Hot (for the first time in my life).

The wind is blowing through my waist long auburn hair the sea is yearning to kiss the tips of my feet and I feel calm and at peace but I guess I've always felt that way when I'm around water, I have always sorta felt like there's an invisible force that's slowly pulling me out to sea.

But this time it's different it's like I'm afraid of the water and in the distance storm clouds are slowly forming, clawing there way towards me the wind has shifted and is now picking up speed, the tide has risen and the waves are crashing harder than ever before and that's when I run, I run for my life and the storm is turning into a full on hurricane.

I am standing in the abandon streets of Seaside Oregon, when I hear a scream so soft I wasn't quite sure if I imagined it or not but the scream grew louder as the sound of other screams join together. I turn to face the source of the screams and as I stare at the scene unfolding before my very own eyes.

Bile has pushed its way up into my throat but I push it down and I watched the scene of a hundred ancient solders dressed in celestial bronze fight to the death and then my vision starts to become blurry and I wake to find that I am drenched in sweat but safely in the comfort of my blue painted bedroom in my four bedroom house.

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