Why Me?


2. Chapter Two

Grace's POV

I woke to five different voices. Four seem to be British and one seemed Irish? I shrugged my shoulders but as I look around  I'm not outside on a bench. But on a couch in a hotel room. " Hello?" I ask. I rub my head since it really hurts till I remembered that that's where Jonathon hit me hours ago with a laptop. I get thrown out my thoughts when five teenage boys running in. They all looked oddly familiar. One was wearing stripes with red pants and white vans. Another with blonde-brownish hair and braces. Another with curly hair and crystal green eyes. When I got to the third guy that's when I realized they were One Direction. But how did the find me? " Oh my god thank god your alright now I can eat food." Niall said running into the kitchen. I tried to get up but I winced as pain shot through my ribs. I lift up my shirt to see a huge purple bruise across my entire stomach. I look up and the boys look at me in horror. I quickly put my shirt down. " What is that from?" Liam asked. " I.......um.......fell? Yeah fell." I said. Smooth. " No way in hell did that happen just by falling." Louis said. Well shoot. " What really happened?" Zayn pushed further. " I don't really want to talk about it." Harry then came and pulled off my shirt and my pants. Wow thanks for that Harry now your officially my least favorite. " Oh. My. God." They all said at the exact same time. Niall then came in with a sandwich and chips on his plate. He drops it once he sees my fully covered bruised body. My phone then started ringing. I picked it up and looked at the caller I.D. and sure enough Jonathon was calling. " Put it on speaker." Liam said. I did as told picking up the call and putting it on speaker. " Where the hell are you Grace?!" Jonathon screamed. " Like I would tell you." " You tell me right now young lady or else I will beat you more than I did before and I think you what happens after that. Then I will rape you more aggressively." he said. The boys looked at the phone in horror. I hung up and smashed my phone against the wall. " He ab--used y-ou and r-ap-ed you?" Liam asked after a while. I slowly nodded my head. " How old are you love?" Niall asked. " 12." I mumbled under my breath. Nobody seemed to catch on well except for Louis. " 12!" he shouted. I slowly nodded my head. All the boys then jumped up. Then kept repeating words of Oh My God or 12 or even that son of a bitch. " Call Simon." Liam said. " What will you say?" I asked. " You'll see."

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