Why Me?


3. Chapter Three

Niall's POV

I just finished making a sandwich with some chips. When I walked out I dropped the plate as I looked over at the girl we found just a few hours ago on a bus bench. Bruises were covered up and down her body and there was not one spot that was not beaten. I walked over and then her phone started ringing. " Put it on speaker." Liam said. She did as told and put it on speaker. " Where the hell are you Grace?" some guys voice said over the phone. " Like I would tell you." she said back. " You tell me right now young lady or else I will beat you more than before and I think you know what happens after that. Then I will rape you more aggressively. " After that she hung up and threw her phone at the wall and it shattered to pieces. There was a long and awkward silence after that. " He ab--used y-ou and r-ap-ed you?" Liam asked. She nodded her head. " How old are you love?" I asked. She mumbled something but we couldn't understand. Well except for Louis. " 12!" he shouted. She slowly nodded her head. All of us boys started freaking out after that. " Call Simon." Liam said. " What are you going to say?" she asked. " You'll see." he said then called Simon. She put on her pants and shirt after that. " What's your name babe?" Harry asked. " Grace." she said. " Who was that on the phone?" Louis asked. " My dad. Well I suppose not he's dead to me now." We all nodded our heads. Liam then came back with a huge grin on his face. " What has got you so smiley for Mr. Payne?" Louis asked. " Well I just talked to Simon and he was going to get some papers signed then for me to sign then I'll be Graces legal parent!" he said. We were going along with the plan well except for Grace. " No! I can't let you do that besides I'll be fine living in a hotel." " Hell to the no! Girl you will be staying with Liam as your legal guardian and that's final." Louis said. She finally nodded and smiled. Oh that smile. I just love it. Wait what could I be developing feelings for someone 6 years younger than me? No I can't. But I am. They might be more than feelings maybe I love her. But she'll never love me.

Grace's POV

Niall smiled after I agreed. I just love that smile. Oh if only you knew Niall James Horan that I love you.


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