Why Me?


5. Chapter Five

Niall's POV

I woke in a totally different position. Grace was basically on top of me but yet falling down. I moved so that she was laying beside me and my arm was around her waist. I looked at the time. 3:30 a.m. Wow I only slept for an hour. Grace started moving around in her sleep so I pulled her closer. She woke up and tears were running down her cheeks. " Shhh. It was just a dream." I told her. She calmed down a bit and cuddled closer to me if that was even possible. " Ni, you should go back into your room because I'm going to keep waking up and I don't want you to lose sleep." Grace told me. " No its totally fine besides I don't want you to wake up alone." she just nodded her head in response. She was starting to fall back asleep and I kissed her forehead. When my lips touched her forehead it was burning hot. I got up and got a thermometer to check her temperature. When I got back into her room she was sitting up and looked confused. When she saw me she tried standing but she just fell down onto the hard wood floor. I rushed over to Grace and picked her up and brought her to the bathroom and set her on the counter. I put the thermometer in her mouth and waited a minute till it finally beeped. I checked her temperature and it said 104. I picked her up and took her downstairs. I gave her a glass of ice cold water for her to drink. Then I got a wash cloth and put water on it then put it in the freezer. I walked back over to Grace. " Are you okay?" I asked her. She nodded her head a no and she started crying. I wiped her tears away and she started to calm down. I started to leaning in don't ask me why I just did. I stopped an inch away from her face looking into her eyes asking if it was okay. She nodded her head slowly and I leant in till there was no more space between us and I crashed my lips onto hers. I knew I was going to get sick but it didn't matter. She hesitated at first but then kissed back. As cliché as it sounds fireworks flew when we kissed and I liked it.

Grace's POV

Niall Horan just kissed me.........and I kissed back.

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