Can't deal (a Niall Horan Movella)

Carter is not the type of girl you take to your mum. She is anything but nice and normal. She says and does what she wants. What happens when Carter runs into the goody goody Niall Horan. Will he change her, or will she change him?

Warning: lots of profanity and sexual content


2. We'll see

Carter's p.o.v 




'Carter!, we are about to leave to if you want a ride you better hurry up,' mum yelled from the bottom of the stairs. I looked over at my phone that was laying on my nightstand. It read 8:15. Shit! I only have 30 minutes till first lesson starts. ' mum I'll take my car,' I said quickly. 'Okay, Hun love you,'. And with that she walked out the flat.




I quickly jumping in the shower. When I was done I blow dried my. Then I applied my makeup. Makeup was easy. Just mascara, eyeliner, and a little lipgloss. Now time for my outfit. I picked out my young wild and free crop top with my black sweatpants and my black toms. I then grabbed my car keys and made my way to school.




'Okay class settle down. We have a new student, Niall Horan,' Mrs.Flank announced. 'And Carter, you will be showing Mr. Horan around since you to have all the same class,' she smiled. What the hell how can she just up and volunteer me like that. I then gave her a death glare. Then Niall sat in the seat next to me. 'Hey so I was wondering if maybe you would like to go out some time,' he asked flashing his million dollar smile. 'Awww that's sweet, I don't think you can handle all of this,' I said in a smug tone. 'Oh I know your type, your a goody goody to afraid to take risks, your always playing life on the safe side and I rather be a bitch that be you,'. And with that the bell rung for second lesson.





I walked do second lesson with Niall trailing behind. 'Hey, what!,' he yelled. I stopped causing him to bump into me. 'I'm sorry we got off on the wrong foot, I'm having a party tonight and I was wondering if you would come,' he stated. 'We'll see,' I said smugly.





Sorry it's short I know.



What do you think so far?



What do you think should happen next?



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