Can't deal (a Niall Horan Movella)

Carter is not the type of girl you take to your mum. She is anything but nice and normal. She says and does what she wants. What happens when Carter runs into the goody goody Niall Horan. Will he change her, or will she change him?

Warning: lots of profanity and sexual content


3. Party time

Carter's p.o.v 




The rest of the day wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, Niall isn't as much of a jackass as I thought. Now I'm on my way home with my pal Janus.


"I don't see why you just don't take your mum's car, I mean she is practically giving it to you" I pleaded with Janus. "Because it is a white mini van and I would not be caught died diving that gross thing are" she said as I pull up to the door of her flat. "Whatever darling, I'll pick you up at 7 to go to the party". "Kk" she said as she skipped to her door. That's Janus for you.



6:00 read the clock as I get up from my nap. Mum and Dad went out so I don't have to worry about them. My fuck boy of a brother Shawn is in his room with his perverted ass friend Jason playing video games as usual. 


I decided to get up and get ready since I only have a hour till I have to pick up Janus,so I hopped in the shower. When I got our I put on my white emoji tights, my all white crop top that read puff puff pass, and I put on my all white nike forces. Then I straightened my curly hair and put on a snap back. I grabbed my phone and keys and made my way out the door, thank god my fucked up brother was too plastered to notice.



I scooped up Janus and we mad our way to the party. Tbh I was kind of excited to see Niall mostly because he's hot, he just might get lucky tonight.


We  arrived at the party and could smell weed and alcohol before we even set foot in the flat. As soon as we go through the door Janus ditches me to go hang with a bunch of drunk guys. I made my way to the kitchen to get a drink, when I bumped into niall. "Hey, Carter you made it" he said as he ingulfed me in hug. "Yeah I did" I replied suductivly. God that is one hot piece of ass I thought to my self. "Well let's get you a drink, you know what make it drinks" he joked as he dragged me to the kitchen.


2 hours later 



Take it off! Take it off! Take it off! Everyone chanted as I attempted to take off my bra but instead fell off the coffee table. Then a pair strong arms rapped around me and everything went black.








Finally up dated sorry for the wait but I promise I will write at least one chapter a week maybe two💕


What do you think of this chapter? 


What do you think should happen next?


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