Garage Band

Living next to teenage boys is annoying enough, but its even worse when they start a garage band.
Livi hates her next-door neighbors son, Luke, and his friends. The constant noise drove her insane. But what happens when a bet sparks feelings for one of the boys? Once an enemy, always and enemy... right?


1. 1.




I jolted out of bed. Drums were crashing, guitars blaring, loud voices 'singing'. I rolled my eyes and jumped out of bed. Angrily, I slid on some clothes and ran through the hallway. Without saying 'Good morning' to my mom, I ran outside into my neighbors yard. I yanked open the door into their garage, and the music stopped.

"Some of us would like to sleep." I said rudely. My face was bright red, and my arms were crossed.

"Someone's crabby today." Michael said with a smirk. I sent him a nasty look and turned back to Luke, who lived in the house.

"C'mon Olivia, its just a bit of music." Luke said while tapping his fingers on his guitar.

"Don't call me Olivia." I said angrily. "I will call the cops if you don't stop."

"Olivia we all know that you won't do shit." Calum said, looking me dead in the eye.

"You have threatened me almost everyday since grade 10 and never called them." Ashton said, crossing his arms. They were right.

I have never liked Ashton Irwin, nor his friends. We've been after each other since we were 9. Something about each other just really gets us mad. I bit the inside of my cheek angrily.

"Piss off." I said and angrily turned around. I walked back over to my house and slammed my front door behind me.

"Livi, its just a stage. They'll be over it soon." My mum said while fixing breakfast.

"Mum, you've said that for the past 2 years. I doubt that they'll ever be over it." I said while biting my lip.

I grabbed my phone and checked my twitter. I scrolled through my feed lazily, then stopped as soon as I saw some girl tweet about a band that she discovered, called '5 Seconds of Summer'. Isnt that Luke's bands' name? Oh great, not only do I have annoying garage band neighbors, but now they're FAMOUS? I cant wait to see the amount of fangirls that suddenly decide to show up at their house.

This day just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?










So I decided to change it up and try something that I haven't done before!! :D


I must say, I am kind of a 'carrot' when it comes to 5 Seconds of Summer, I don't know EVERYTHING about them, so if my facts are a bit off let me know!! :D I am trying to brush up on my facts though ;)


This takes place in late 2011/early 2012, right after Ashton joined the band :D


Thank you soo much for reading!! :D


Claire xoxo

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