Niall has always been looking for his princess, until one day, he didn't have to look anymore. He saw Ava in a flower shop, working with a customer. "Hello, can you help me find some flowers?" I asked and she looked up and our eyes locked. Her eyes shimmered into mine. "Of course." She responded.


8. Busy


          I left London yesterday and traveled to Sheffield, England to perform last night. Tonight I am performing in Manchester. Harry is excited about that, you can imagine. I haven't checked my phone since yesterday because I have been so busy. That's all my life is anymore, busy. I went on my twitter and instagram accounts. I laughed when Daisy, (One of Louis's sisters), posted a picture of Louis working on a car last week.


    I looked at my text to see if any were from Ava. 3 messages from her? Wonder what that's about. I opened up the text message and read them.

A: Hi Niall, I really miss you.

A: Are you going to text me back? :(

A: I wish I could tell you how I feel in person when I am with you.

          So I decided to respond to Ava.

N: I am so sorry I haven't texted you back. I have been so busy, lately. I had a show last night and tonight I have to do another show in Manchester. Then I am leaving for Australia early tomorrow afternoon.

A: Its okay. Wait, your leaving for Australia tomorrow?

N: Yes I am.

A: Oh, I guess I wont have the chance of telling you how I feel in person

N: I guess not. I can tell you that I love you.

A:  :)

N: I better get ready for the concert

A: Goodbye Niall

           Those words hit me. "Goodbye Niall." The same words she said after we kissed the other night. I couldn't help myself but have a flashback from that moment. Why does everything in life have to be busy, complicated, and hard to get through? At least that's what my life is about. Me and the boys wish we could meet our fans one by one. But we cant because we are....BUSY.


Yes, I have a good life. Money, fans, fame, family, dreams, but the one thing I didn't have for the longest time was my princess. That's the one thing I didn't have in my life. Now I got one, but I am too busy to be with her now and days. That's just how my life goes, I cant change it. Unless if I give up one thing: Ava.

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