Niall has always been looking for his princess, until one day, he didn't have to look anymore. He saw Ava in a flower shop, working with a customer. "Hello, can you help me find some flowers?" I asked and she looked up and our eyes locked. Her eyes shimmered into mine. "Of course." She responded.


1. Flower Shop

I walked down the streets of London in the sunny, cool, morning. The sun started to shine a little more by the minute. I turned my head to look around and saw a beautiful girl helping a costumer at the flower shop. I walked across the road and hid behind a street corner so I could make my move in time. I walked out from behind the corner and walked to the flower shop. "Can you help me find some flowers?" I asked her and we both looked up and our eyes locked. Her eyes shimmering with the sunlight.


"Of course." She said. "So who are you buying flowers for?" She asked me and I looked at the flowers and back up at her. "For a special girl." I said and she nodded. "So, do you know what kind of flowers she likes? Daisies, Roses?" She asked and I looked at her. "I have no idea, which ones do you like best?" I asked her and she smiled. Her smile was the most beautiful one I have ever seen. "I love Daisies and Roses." She said as I nodded. "I will get those please." I said pulling out some pounds to pay.


"Here you go. Have a great day." She said and I stood right there. "Actually, I was wondering what your name was?" I asked her and she smiled. "My name is Ava Andrews. And yours?" She said asking. "My name is Niall, Niall Horan. Nice to meet you, Ava." I said and her smile got a bit bigger. "These flowers are for you then, Ava. Would you like to go hang out with me tomorrow?" I asked her.


"Oh wait. Your Niall Horan from that boy band, One Direction, right?!" Ava asked and I nodded. "Yes I am, I am only off tomorrow but the day after, you can come watch one of my concerts in London if you want." I said as she fixed some of the flowers on the stand. "I would love that, Niall. Thank you for the flowers. You can pick me up here around...." She left me to saying what time. "10:00am" I said and she agreed. "Goodbye, Niall." She said as I walked away and I turned around to look at her. "Goodbye, Ava." I said and we both smiled.

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