A Bella and Jacob Love story

Bella and Jacob are at a young age, they fall in love and........read to find out the interesting details.


2. The Date


             He picked me up at six o'clock sharp. He was nervous when I got into the car. I kinda already started to like him before he asked me out, so to make him stop being so nervous I kissed him on the cheek. On our way to dinner he asked me if I already liked him, so I said, "I have liked you since we were twelve, and I didn't think you liked me in that way so I kept it a secret." "Bella, can I tell you something I have been dieing to tell you for three years?" "Ya, what is it?" "I....am.......i..i......i am in love with you!" He said as fast as possible. "Jacob I love you to." We got to dinner and we ordered, ate, payed, and left for the movies. We went to go see a romance movie. The farther me got into the movie the closer we got to each other, by the last ten minutes of the movie we were kissing in the back of the theater. We went to my house after the movie, my dad wasn't home, we sat in my room and we stood up and started kissing. He threw me on the bed, when we started ripping of each others clothing. *Sorry not getting any more graphic than that on the website.* When it was all over Jacob went home and I went to bed.



Will there be another date? Are they a thing? comment what you think I can like your page if you comment. Read to find out more. My book is almost over! Then its up to every one else if I wake a sequal.

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