A Bella and Jacob Love story

Bella and Jacob are at a young age, they fall in love and........read to find out the interesting details.


4. Second date



                                       He came to pick me up at six. We had a picnic on the beach. We couldn't stop kissing in the moonlight by the pond. He brought me to a hotel. He had gotten us a room. We waited for everyone to get out of the pool room and we started kissing again, we got closer and closer, hotter and hotter, then we went into the hot tub, he started ripping off my bikini and he took his shorts of and ...... *can't get graphical* After, we went to the room and sat on the bed we started kissing again, he knew we were going to do it again, so he went to put a rubber on. He was in the bathroom, when he noticed there was a hole in the rubber, he didn't care, he put it on anyways.

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