The Geek in High School(AustinMahone fanfic)

Austin Carter Mahone life wasn't as you think it was he is a nerd who goes to high school.

Austin's POV

My life isn't going well I'm a complete nerd I don't even get girls attention it's like I'm Invisable for them. Football Players throw me around like I'm their dummies why can't they see that I'm a human being like them I'm not different.

Copyright 2014


1. Dear Diary, Sincerly Austin

Dear Diary,

High School isn't that good for me like if you were like me a nerd or geek or whatever you'll understand the point thru the story. I mostley get picked on by students Sam Pottorff Caption of the football team. He's doesn't like me very much it's like pretend I'm the Sun and he's the rain we fight all the time he takes my textbooks,lunch and etc. Everytime I think about that special someone I think about Brenda. Brenda is Brian's Girlfriend Sam's Friend and each time I try and talk to her I get nervous and Brian doesn't let me I know I know I'm Ugly and everything but I think that one day I'll completely Change and I'll get all the gals to me yeah. Well Diary it's past my Cerfume and I better get to Sleep.

Sincerely, Austin bye :)

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