Mira Paxton was just a teenage girl, until Shawn Faulkner, her new history teacher, changes her life. What she expects to be a grumpy old man turns out to be a hot young man. Her life goes through a bunch of unexpected changes as their relationship grows.


2. Chapter One

*Mira's POV*

I walked into school on the first day with Mallory and Cate. Cate and I had our hands connected. The whole school knew we were dating, but we got made super popular instead of being bullied. Everyone was happy for us because we embraced the fact.


Cate is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. She has long, curly, golden blonde hair and wide blue eyes. She has rosy cheeks and fair skin, making her look like a porcelain doll. She loves to be outside, disconnected from the modern world. She gets worked up if someone so much as swats a fly. Mallory has long, light brown hair that usually contains a waterfall braid. Her green eyes look like a forest and she is the star of the Castleton High School track team.


Then there is me. I have untamable curly red hair and earth brown eyes, as Cate likes to say. I straighten the curls so I don't have to de with them. I love to sing and I can play the guitar, piano, and flute. I believe in love at first sight and I fall in love quickly.


I looked at my schedule. "Who is Mr. Faulkner?" I asked. "I hope he is an old coot who can't hear a thing," Mallory said. Cate and I laughed before heading of to Mrs. Wendell's class for homeroom.


Time came for history and Cate, Mallory, and I were excited to see who this new teacher. I walked into the classroom to see a young man, looking around 26. He was tall, taller than Mallory who is 5 foot 10. He had dark brown hair that was in a quiff. He had hipster glasses, which made him 2x cooler. His large brown eyes landed on us standing at the door and he smiled, "Come on in." Cate and I found seats in the third row, Mallory sitting in front of me.


Mr. Faulkner gave the "What I expect in this class" speech after he called roll. He was holding the smart board pen in his hand as he talked and he dropped it suddenly. He bent over to reach it and I heard the girl next to me, Ivy, wolf whistled loudly. This caused Faulkner to stand straight up, a light blush on his face causing me to smile. He cleared his throat before turning to Ivy, "Miss Everhart, detention, after school." I looked at him, wondering how he remembered her last name, since I've known Ivy for seven years and I only remembered her last name two years ago. He looked at me and grinned a little before turning back to the class.

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