All Our Endless Summer

Linh has always loved books and slow romantic music. She loved what she did. Her life was always so simple. Until Zayn came into her life. He spoiled her. She loved him. But he didn't realize until it was too late.


6. That Night.

I can't believe Linh is going to let me take her virginity. Wow, she's very weird. Yet, I feel something completely different. Her smile captivated me the moment I saw it. What the hell is wrong with me? I'm just using her. Whatever. Well, I freshend up and wore my tux. I'm going to take Linh to a very fancy Japanese restaurant my uncle owns. Dinner for free at least. My uncle just wants me to have a girlfriend and that is not going to happen. I went to Linh's house and texted her to come down. And there she was. She had on a dress that hugged her curves and it was blue. Her high heels were a silky black and her hair was all loose. She looked gorgeous. 

"Hey Zayn." She said getting in the car.

I couldn't speak. She took my breath away.

"Uh, earth to Zayn?"

I snapped out of it and said, "you look beautiful."

Her smile appeared. Damn I love that smile. I noticed something. Her breasts were almost to get out of the dress. Oh, she's good.

We went to the restaurant and ate. It was 10 already. 

"Shall we go to my apartment or your house?" I asked.

"Your apartment." She said. We got up and went to my apartment.

We went to my room and I said, "are you ready for the best night of your life?" 

She blushed and nodded. I kissed her deeply and led her to the bed. I ripped her dress off. She didn't have any underwear. I groaned in pleasure and took off my clothes. The passion between us was intense. The way her body moved against mine was wild and amazing. I think I love her. But I just took her virginity. She fell asleep and I just looked at her. All the hate I had against commitment went away.  Her beauty radiated like a Star. I fell asleep, our bodies spooned to one another.

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