All Our Endless Summer

Linh has always loved books and slow romantic music. She loved what she did. Her life was always so simple. Until Zayn came into her life. He spoiled her. She loved him. But he didn't realize until it was too late.


1. Linh.

"People say life is simple. Other say it is complicated. But most say 'Let me live my weird life.' Why should we classify our lives? Why put labels on people and things? Why can't you just live life without naming it? We all are imperfect. But that doesn't mean we can label people."

Linh loved this quotation. She loved how it explained the subject. Her life was mostly books but that didn't mean her life was boring. She's never had a boyfriend or true friends. But that doesn't mean she is a loner. People just labeled her as a "loser". She has not been asked for prom, she hasn't had her first kiss, so on, so on. 




Her life was ok.

Yet she felt like something was missing. Her fourth cup of tea tasted different. She thought of today. Had she left anything at school? That wasn't it. Had she missed her rent? Nope. She knew what was missing. Yet she did not want to admit it.

She missed someone.

Someone who had actually talked with her only once in the entire school year. 

But it's summer and she missed his smile and beautiful tattoos. Every time she saw him, she would hide because she thought he would laugh at what she wore.

But that wasn't the case.

Everyone in her school knew this...




Linh loved Zayn Malik.

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