1. the boys

Hi my name is Carly.I live in Dudley.My best friend is Louis Tomisin.You probably know him from tv and you tube and your wall posters......he's from one direction.we only just became friends.I had never heard of one direction but Louis said his band was moving to Dudley with him so they could spend more time as friends.iv never met them or seen a picture of them so I couldn't wait to meet them.

Today was the day they were coming to our school.i stood at my locker waiting for Louis.then down the hall I saw a crowed mostly made of girls.then from the crowed Louis and 4 other boys emerged.They all had dark hair except for one.I had to admit they were all VERY attractive but the blonde haired one was the cutest.He seemed a little insecure fiddling with his finger nails.He had braces but a kind smile.they were walking towards me and my face got hot."sup carls"lou said smiling.I noticed the blonde one smiling at me."Oh sorry this is niall,Liam,Harry and zayn"I smiled at them."this is Carly"he gestured to the boys and then me."vas happening" zayn said.

"Better get to class"Lou said.i nodded and walked away.


I walked into class 5 minutes early and saw niall with head phones on.I decided to sit next to him and listen to music too.I turns on the year 3000 by the Jonas brothers and drummed the beat aggressively with my pencils on my desk.At that moment I didn't care what anyone thought.Nothing matterd.i opened my eyes and saw niall staring at me and I paused the song and put my head phones around my neck."What?"I said with a confused look on my face."Your not afraid......"he mumbled looking into my eyes."of what?"I was so confused."Of being your self"he slightly smiled.we heard foot steps and quickly turned and saw our music teacher Mr.Ratliff in the door way."My your very early Miss Carly"He said."And you are?"He looked over at Niall."Niall Horan"Niall said."ah,Mr.Horan,shall I expect the average attention span?"Mr.R said playfully."Maybe"NIall grinned.

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