Amnesia || Luke Hemmings Fanfic

You were 16 when Luke, Ashton, Michael, and Calum left. They were your best friends. But Luke? He was more,
your Boyfriend.

When He and the boys come back will you execpt them like nothing happened or forget everything like you thought they did?


All Rights Reserved

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4. Braces

Alexas POV

"Alexa!" I heard my mom yell


"Come on down!"

"Let me get ready!"

I changed into sweats and a tank top with high tops I decided thag today is my lazy day since im doing nothing but getting my braces on!

When i was done i walked down stairs

"Lets get my braces off!!" I said as I walked to my Hummer and my mom following me

• After Dentist•

The dentist gave me a retainer but i only have to wear it at night..

Lukes POV

Tomorrow we are going to Alexas house... Im nerves because we havent seem eachother in forever.

Before we dated we were bestfriends at birth and at my 12th birthday party we started dating.

She sent me texts for the 1st year but stoppe her last one was

'You know what I'm done trying to talk to you and you not repling so how about you and the guys dont EVER talk to me again!'

I just couldnt talk to her or else i would brake down

So here we go getting on a plane back to Australia

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