You're My Complicaton

A Gossip Girl spin off about two troubled teens that become good friends who live in Manhattan. Wesley Parker is very rich and lives in a world of Champagne, penthouses, wild parties, and scandal where Leigh Brighton in a middle-classed family and doesn’t know the first thing about being socially active because of a traumatic betrayal of her childhood best friend.Both being interested in photography, they meet in a park, and they soon find out that they have more in common than photography and they are both having trouble with social lives and their families. Read to see how they conquer their dilemmas together…


3. Not A Phase

By now, I am really tired. I am almost home, however I don’t want to go home. I don’t know where to go, so I eventually find myself at home. I park myself in front of my townhouse and sit on the steps.

I take out my lunch that I packed and start to eat.

“Why can’t I just go live with Dad?” I murmur to myself

     My Mom is the laziest person I know. She doesn’t work and lives off the money Dad gives us every month. I just wish she would do something to show that she cares for me or this family.

I finish my sandwich and pull out a macaroon for desert.

Just as I am about to take another bite, I hear my mother’s voice.

“There you are! Where have you been?” She yells

“I’m not going to tell you again.” I reply

“Tell me what?”

“Where I was. I told you this morning and I go every Saturday, so I shouldn’t have to repeat myself to a mother that doesn’t care enough to remember simple things like that.”

I feel a quick lash of pain on my cheek. She slapped me. I put my hand to my cheek and give her a dirty look.

“Don’t speak to me like that.” She yells

“How about I never speak to you again.” I say

I run in to the house and up the stairs.

I open the door to my room and take a deep breath. I go into my closet and search for my suitcase.

As soon as I find it, I start to snatch clothes off of hangers and out of drawers. After that suitcase is filled, I grab another bag and fill it also.

After all of my clothes are packed, I start to grab valuables and nicknacks that I want.

When I finish, my room is bare of everything except one thing: a Christmas picture of me and my pregnant mom right after my Dad and her divorced, before my twin brother and sister were born.

I left it there to take a blow at her feelings, making her feel how I’ve felt for years.

I grab all of my bags and make my way down the stairs.

At the bottom, my mother and siblings are starring at me.

“Where are you going with all that luggage?” My sister Adeline


I sit the bags down and say, “I’m going somewhere I should have gone a long time ago, Addy.” I give her a smile.

I look at my little brother. “Cole, I want you to take care of your sister, ok?”

“Yeah.” He replies

I narrow my eyes at my mother. “Don’t you dare treat these kids like you treated me. And don’t think you can stop me from leaving.”

I grab my bags again and start towards the door.

“Oh, and we are done. I’m done with dealing with a lazy mother that doesn’t give a crap about me.”

“Where are you going to live then? On the street?” She asks with a mischievous tone.

I stare at her.

“You are going to your father’s in New York aren’t you?” She laughs. “He doesn’t care about you any more than I do.”

I drop one handful of bags and walk up to her.

I slap her so hard it might have hurt me just as much as it hurt her.

“Don’t you dare say that. You don’t know anything. He is a much better person than you are.” I say as tears stream down my face

“Then why did he divorce me, huh?” She asks

“Because you are heartless. You didn’t love him. You just wanted someone to bang.”

She gives me a shocked look.

“Yeah, I know the story.” I say

I wipe the tears from my face and grab my bags again. I look at my brother and sister again and smile.

I walk out of the door with the hope to never return.


     I stumble out of the subway, wiping tears as I go. What if she is right? What if he really doesn’t care about me? I guess I’ll have to find out because I have no other place to go.

     I emerge from the underground tunnel, smelling the old pavement and a mixture of foods from the cafes and restaurants that surround me. The weather is still pretty warm since its just the start of fall. I pull out the small folded piece of paper out of my messenger bag. The paper reads my father’s address that I put there for an  emergency.

“Taxi!” I yell as I wave

     The taxi stops on the curve and starts back driving before I can get the door closed.

“Where to?” The man says that drives the taxi

He has dark hair that is combed back and shines whenever it catches light.

I decide it would be easier to just hand him the paper, so I do.

He grabs the paper and looks at it for a few seconds, as if trying to see if he recognizes the area.

He programs it into the GPA and hands it back to me.

“Not familiar?” I ask

“No, I just don’t get asked to drive there often.” He replays with a smile

     I take out my phone to check the time. It is ten minutes till four o’clock. I put it back in my bag and I sit still for a while, observing my surroundings trying to see what is familiar and what’s not. I see a playground I remember and a cafe I went to when I was young.

     My father and use to be real close, until my mother tried to keep me from him when I had no control over my own life. Even know I’m still not eighteen, I feel that I can stand up to her and leave if I have to. And today seemed like the best time to do it. 

     I feel bad about leaving my brother and sister their, but they should be all right. They have my number and I gave them Dad’s address if they need me. They are thirteen, I say to myself. They can handle her.

Several minutes pass and we pass a tree that lets me know we are close to my father’s townhouse.

We turn a couple corners and travel a few blocks, until he stops.

“Here we are. That will be fifteen dollars.” He says turning to look at me

I hand him a twenty dollar bill and say, “Keep the change.”

“Thank you Ms…”

“Brighton.” I finish his sentence

     I shut the door closed and look up at the townhouse. It has brown brick with off-white accents. It is just slightly different from the two on either side, the one on the right having red brick and dark brown accents and on the left having gray brick and true white accents. I see glimpses of memories of coming here running through my mind, too fast for me to process them.

I take a breath and walk up to the door. I ring the door bell without thinking so I couldn’t change my mind.

He opens the door and I see his face stiffen. He has olive toned skin and dark brown hair like me, however his eyes are brown and mine are hazel. Sadly, I got that trait from my mother.

“Surprised to see me, huh?” I laugh

“Y-Yes, but you are always a good surprise.” He says as he reaches for a hug

“I’ve missed you so much. Where have you been?” I ask still hugging him

“I know I’ve have missed you too. And I’m sorry, work has been kicking my butt lately, honey. And you know your mother doesn’t really ant me around you all.”

“But you could have called.”

“Hey,” he releases me “I won’t let it happen again. But on to a more relevant topic, what are you doing here?”


“Mom and I had a fight.” I mumble as a plop on the couch

“Leigh, is this just a phase?” He sits next to me

“Is what a phase?” I murmur as I throw a few grapes in my mouth from the bowl on the coffee table

“Not getting along with your mother.”

“Of course not.” I turn on the TV

“Then what is it? This is about what she did to me isn’t it.”

I stop chewing. “This has nothing to do with you. This is about her not being there for me, not taking good care of her kids, and being a lazy housewife.” I continue chewing. “You know you should stop giving her money every month and make her get a job.”

“We made an agreement, Leigh.”

“And what is the agreement? For her to sit on her ass all day meanwhile you work hard to support your household and hers?”

“Leigh, watch your language. And no the agreement was that I would continue to support her if she would take care of you, your brother, and sister.”


“So, I guess you want to stay here?”

“You know me well.”

“I think it is a good time to show you then.”

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