undying love

“I no longer believed in the idea of soul mates, or love at first sight. But I was beginning to believe that a very few times in your life, if you were lucky, you might meet someone who was exactly right for you. Not because he was perfect, or because you were, but because your combined flaws were arranged in a way that allowed two separate beings to hinge together.”


2. chapter 1

Kate pov

I woke to that sound of that annoying song What makes you beautiful, looked around to see who was playing it and saw my best friend Alice “why the noise?” I asked

 “I’ve got two tickets to go see one direction!” she screamed “cool so who are you taking?” I asked walking to my bed

 “I’m taking you silly” she answered I froze and turned to her “you know I hat- I mean dislike one direction!” I yelled at her

 “I know but just come with me this once” she said making a pouty face. Oh no not the pouty face, kate you have to be strong

 “ok fine” I surrendered

“What time?” I asked

“7:30” she replied 


It was 6:55 35 minutes till show time I wore a tank top, skinnies, and a pair of boots. I look into the mirror and sighed “here we go”. I put on my best smile went to meet the anxious directioner. “Katy you look gorgeous!” she yelled I cringed at the name Katy she knew I hated that name “whatever lets go” I dragged her into the car.


“Ok before we take our seats I have a confession to make” she said

 “what did you do!” I asked

 “I got us front row seats” she told me

 I sighed at least she didn’t get us back stage passes right? . I just gave her a “you owe me” look and walked towards our seat. The show eventually started and I was texting Luke out of boredom. I looked up and saw the curly haired one at me. I observed his eyes they were red just like the creature that killed my parents “kate you must be hallucinating” I told myself

Alice stopped her dancing and placed her hand on my shoulder

“kate are you okay” she asked

“no I thought… I saw something” I told her

“it’s okay you were must have been hallucinating” she told me

“I need to use the bathroom” I excused myself


We were in the middle of a number when harry was staring at this girl in the front row his eyes were red I gave Louis a nudge and pointed at harry

“Shit!” he cursed quietly

He blocked Harrys view before anybody could see and handed him niall’s ray bans.  

“That was close, harry could have given us away” Louis said “it not his fault its natural for vampires lets just be happy for him” I patted his backed and started singing my part of the song

 “Where is she, I can’t find her” harry asked

 “Bella and Perrie have gone to get her no worries” Louis told him

“Perrie is here?” I asked

“Yeah she arrived yesterday and let me tell you she saw this coming” he told me



 I walked around looking for the bathroom thinking about the creature I saw or hallucinated.

“Maybe I should just leave” I said to myself

 I finally found the bathroom which was near the entrance “the forces of nature must really love me” I smiled

I was just about to leave when two arms grabbed me and shoved me into the wall I looked up and saw Perrie Edwards and some other girl

“Holy Shit Perrie Edwards” I whispered

The other girl walked towards me and looked me into my eyes

“You will now sleep” she said

Suddenly fatigue took over and I slept.

I woke up in a strange room and saw Perrie and the other one sitting opposite me.  I didn’t say a word for all I know they could be murderer’s. I crawled to a corner hoping that I could disappear .I hugged my legs and closed my eyes. After like 10 or 30 minutes of silence minutes I felt someone sit next to me. I opened my eyes and looked at the person

“Hi I’m harry” curly said

Oh no not this dream again

 I stood up and grabbed a mop from a corner

“this is the part where you eat me” I pointed the mop at him he stood up

“what are you talking about” he walked towards me

“I’m not falling for that again I’ve had this dream lot of times”

“wait this isn’t a dream?” he advanced but I stopped him with the mop

“yes it is a dream Alice would never bring me here because she know how much I hate all of you except for Perrie who I think is awesome even though she kidnapped me” I rambled

In a flash he was in front of me. He grabbed the mop from me and broke it. I studied his eyes they perfect shade of green

“Sleep” he demanded

 I got lost in them they were just so perfect then they slowly turned red, everywhere went blurry then dark.



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