The Man Who Talked To The Wall

When Mr. Walltalker found out that his wife (Mrs. Walltalker) was incapable of having a baby, he designed a talking wall instead. But now a mysterious force has stolen it! Now Mr. Walltalker, who loves the live wall like a son, is determined to find it! And he brought his wife. But who took it? And how will they get it back?


6. The Search Continues

The Waltalkers reached the gas station. Mrs. Walltalker waited inside as Mr. Walltalker fueled the gas, but finally came out to ask him a question.

"Roy, can I go inside and get us something to eat?" she asked.

"Yes," said Mr. Walltalker. "Can you get me a Hershey bar while you're in there?"

Mrs. Walltalker nodded. "I'll need your help. Can I get 5 dollars from the car?"

"Yes. By the way, I received an inheritance of 18 thousand dollars last year," said Mr. Walltalker. "I brought 1 thousand for our journey." He smiled slightly. "Just thought you should know."

"Kay," said Mrs. Walltalker. She got a five-dollar bill and went inside. Inside, Mrs. Walltalker picked out a pole of beef jerky, two bagels, a sausage, a Snickers, and a Hershey bar and upon paying for them, asked the clerk if she knew where a talking wall might be. She said she'd never heard of one, let alone a case of one going missing.

"It's OK," said Mrs. Walltalker. "How much?"

"Four dollars and 98 cents."

Mrs. Walltalker was shocked, and happily rang it up. Then she came out and told Mr. Walltalker she had dinner for the night as well. "And here's the change," she said, handing him two pennies.

Mr. Walltalker took it with equal joy. "When we find the wall, we have to fight off the thieves. We can't have them stealing the wall again."

Mrs. Walltalker agreed. "That's why I brought a pocketknife with me. Not just a useful tool for combat, but also helps to cut through obstacles."

Mr. Walltalker nodded. "Good idea, Janice. Let's go. I also have a GPS. I can hear the wall call for help if it is near."

With these useful tools, they continued their quest. But even with it, it still took two weeks before they found anything useful. They had skipped several meals since then.

Two weeks after escaping the bears, the Walltalkers reached a store, when Mr. Walltalker's GPS found a useful trace.


The voice rang loud and clear over the speaker. The wall was there. He could feel it! It could detect a wall inside to boot.

They drove across the street, following the noise. They parked their car in the street of Walmart and tore inside.

After combing several isles, they saw a boy was getting kidnapped! They rushed over and bashed the kidnapper into a wall, knocking him cold.

The Walltalkers got the boy to his feet.

"Where are your parents?" asked Mrs. Walltalker.

"I lost them," he said. "They're here somewhere, I'm guessing."

"Don't worry," said Mrs. Walltalker. "We'll help you."

"But, the mission--" Mr. Walltalker began.

"No," said Mrs. Walltalker. "This kid needs our help."

After finding his parents and giving the boy one last reminder not to wander off again, they continued their search...only to find a line of brick walls in the department section.

"I don't think that was the wall," said Mr. Walltalker grimly.

"Neither do I," said Mrs. Walltalker. "But on the bright side, we did help someone in need."

"You're right," said Mr. Walltalker, and exited the building. Then they climbed into their car. The game's not over yet...

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