The Man Who Talked To The Wall

When Mr. Walltalker found out that his wife (Mrs. Walltalker) was incapable of having a baby, he designed a talking wall instead. But now a mysterious force has stolen it! Now Mr. Walltalker, who loves the live wall like a son, is determined to find it! And he brought his wife. But who took it? And how will they get it back?


9. The Fight

As Mr. Walltalker clashed with Reba, one of the robots whirled and lashed out its free arm, knocking Mrs. Walltalker to the ground. Mrs. Walltalker retaliated in turn, kicking the robot aside and getting to her feet.

"Go get help! Go! Go!" the robot shouted to the others.

"Great!" said Mrs. Walltalker as the two remaining robots rushed for their speeder bikes. They took one last look at Mrs. Walltalker and the wall before racing off at high speed.

"I see them," said the wall, though Mrs. Walltalker was already rushing for the remaining speeder bike, the one that belonged to the robot who was previously wrestling the wall. "Wait, Janice!" Running after her, it jumped on the bike just as Mrs. Walltalker hit the accelerator. Mrs. Walltalker felt the wall's thick, wooden arms twist around her as they launched forward into the forest.

Both hurled after the two fleeing robots. Furniture and light sources whipped past them as they followed the two robots through the surprisingly spacious house. The robots maneuvered over a short tunnel leaning against a cluster of toys. The wall ducked as Mrs. Walltalker successfully gained on the robots by steering through the tunnel.

"Move closer!" the wall shouted.

Mrs. Walltalker gunned the engine. The two robots veered recklessly through the resourceful course, but Mrs. Walltalker stayed with them. When one of the robots fell behind, the wall saw its opportunity and said, "Get alongside that one!"

Mrs. Walltalker accelerated again, then swung hard to the left and slammed deliberately into the robot's speeder bike. A cluster of poles in the following room forced Mrs. Walltalker to break away, but while both speeders were still traveling parallel, the wall leaped onto the back of the robot's speeder bike.

Landing behind the robot, the wall grabbed the robot and flipped it right off the speeder. As the robot's body fell limp to the ground, the wall reached for the bike's handgrips and quickly gained control.

Mrs. Walltalker was slightly ahead, but the wall caught up with her. The remaining robot was straight in front of them. But as they chased the robot around a stand, they drew the attention of two more bike-mounted troops who were guarding the house.


In the main room, Mr. Walltalker and Reba were engaged in a fierce sword duel. As their swords crossed, Mr. Walltalker sensed the advantage had switched to him.

He drove Reba back toward the stairway, then kicked out with his left leg, knocking Reba down from the platform. Reba groaned as she hit the metal floor below.

Standing at the top of the stairway, Mr. Walltalker watched Reba rise on the lower platform. Keeping his focus on her, he put away his sword. To kill a villain, that's one thing. But to kill a child for stealing, that's another. "I will not fight you." But Reba had other plans. She kept her sword en guard as she ascended the stairs.

When she was almost beside Mr. Walltalker, Reba said, "You are foolish to lower your guard!" She brought her sword down fast, but Mr. Walltalker drew his sword and parried the attack. Reba swung again and again, but Mr. Walltalker parried each blow. Then their blades locked and they kept the contact, keeping their swords braced against each other. As he blocked more blows, Mr. Walltalker could hear Reba's labored breathing over the metallic clashes and realized, She's getting tired.

Reba broke the contact and swung hard at Mr. Walltalker, but Mr. Walltalker evaded the grey blur of his opponent's weapon and jumped backward into a duty post encircled by 8 console controls. As Reba brought her sword toward him, he leaped high, executing a backflip onto a balcony. Landing on his feet, Mr. Walltalker looked down to see Reba, pacing and breathing hard. Attempting at diplomacy, Mr. Walltalker said, "Your thoughts betray you. I feel the good in your heart. Why have you stolen my wall in the first place?"

"You underestimate my power!" said Reba, and hurled her sword toward Mr Walltalker. Mr. Walltalker ducked the silver blade, but a half-second later it cut through the pole holding the balcony. Mr. Walltalker felt the catwalk drop, and sparks showered around him as the metal supports tore from the ceiling and he tumbled to the floor below. He was about to duck away when a net slammed down on him. Because he had dropped his sword, he was unable to cut through it. Her enemy captured, Reba descended the stairs and picked up her sword.


The two robots zoomed after Mrs. Walltalker and the wall. One of them fired twice, and the blast glanced off the back of the wall's speeder. It looked back, then shouted to Mrs. Walltalker, "Keep on that one! I'll take these two!"

The wall stepped on the braking pedal and its speeder bike rapidly decelerated. Not anticipating the wall's maneuver, the wall's two pursuers were startled as they flew ahead and were suddenly in front of their prey. The wall launched forward, deployed its speeder bike's blaster cannon, and squeezed off a rapid burst of laserbolts on one of the robots.

Its aim was good. One of the shots connected with the speeder, and the robot's speeder bike spun out of control and straight into a tree. The explosion was incredible. The other robot looked back to see the explosion, then faced forward and accelerated even faster. The wall kept on his tail.

Far ahead of it, Mrs. Walltalker was chasing the same robot that had started the chase. She drew the bike's belly-mounted blaster cannon and fired. The robot's bike took a hit but kept on going. Mrs. Walltalker took off and moved alongside behind him.

The robot reached in and drew a gun. Before Mrs. Walltalker could react, he fired and scored a hit on Mrs. Walltalker's bike.

I've lost control! Mrs. Walltalker dove off her bike a split-second before it slammed into a wall and exploded, spraying metal and plastoid everywhere. Her body tumbled to the ground.

Hearing the explosion, the robot turned to see the blast behind him. But when he turned to face forward, he saw he was on a collision course with a pole wedged between the ceiling and floor! He stomped on his brakes to no avail, then crashed ad course and disappeared in a ball of flame.

Lying on the cold, hard ground, Mrs. Walltalker heard the explosion. She raised her dazed head briefly, then passed out.

The wall was unaware of what had happened as it chased the last robot through the house. The chase had come full course now, and they were near an entrance.

Once they passed through, the wall slammed his bike into the robot's. The robot kept going. Both the robot and the wall looked ahead to see a booth.

Reacting instinctively, the wall dove off the bike right before it exploded. Freed from its pursuers, the robot called for help.

A moment later, Reba came in with Mr. and Mrs. Walltalker. The same robot who had survived the chase as now holding the wall in steel chains.

"Let me go!" said Mr. Walltalker, struggling against the cords.

"Your friend'll be a lot worse off if he doesn't learn to behave himself," Reba said to the wall, and gave Mr. Walltalker's bonds a yank. "Take 'em to the slide room."

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