The Man Who Talked To The Wall

When Mr. Walltalker found out that his wife (Mrs. Walltalker) was incapable of having a baby, he designed a talking wall instead. But now a mysterious force has stolen it! Now Mr. Walltalker, who loves the live wall like a son, is determined to find it! And he brought his wife. But who took it? And how will they get it back?


8. Meeting Reba Silo

The police car drove the Walltalkers toward the desert. It was a 45-minute drive.

"I think I know what to do," whispered Mr. Walltalker to his wife.

"Hey! No talking!" said the driver.

But about 5 minutes from the desert, Mr. Walltalker remembered a code he had taught her. Using it, he told her to use her pocketknife to cut through the handcuffs.

She did. After rubbing her hands, her knife weaved cleanly through Mr. Walltalker's cuffs as well.

"Wha--hey!" The driver turned to see them taking off. He was about to take off after them, but the engines were broken. The Walltalkers had sliced through the engines on the way out.

After running at least 100 meters down the road, Mr. Walltalker signaled them to stop. Then he pulled out his GPS. "According to my GPS, the wall is two miles away! Yes!"

Mrs. Walltalker sighed nervously. If the GPS was right, a rescue mission would follow, and a fight to boot. "I'm so happy for you!" she finally managed.

The car took off. Mr. Walltalker's GPS led them to a strange-looking house. They climbed out, and Mr. Walltalker rang the bell. An eye peered through the peephole, then a glint of brown indicated that the host had turned to leave.

Mr. Walltalker saw the knocker attached to the door and rapped on it several times. Then the door opened to reveal a girl wearing a blue-and-pink jacket. She was 5 feet tall.

"Did you steal our wall?" Mr. Walltalker declared his well-worn conversation starter, although he already knew the answer.

"No, I don't have a talking wall," said the girl. "Good luck finding it."

"But my GPS said it was right here," said Mr. Walltalker.

"Technology can be misleading," the girl replied. "By the way, my name is Reba. Bye."

Mrs. Walltalker left, soon to be followed by her husband. "I told you it couldn't be a little girl," she said.

Misery. For Mrs. Walltalker, it was a moment's rest, but for Mr. Walltalker it was a failed quest and a traumatizing loss. Left with no other choice, they started down the road for their car.

But just as they were about to climb inside, they heard a call for help.

That must be the wall! thought Mr. Walltalker. "Janice, it's not over yet!"

"What are you talking about?" asked Mrs. Walltalker.

"The wall is in there, and it's calling for help!"

"Then we've got no time to lose! Come on!" Both rushed back to Reba's house. Upon arriving, Mrs. Walltalker opened the door a peak and looked inside. Then she made the signal, and Mr. Walltalker stepped inside. She took one last look behind her and followed him in.

They just narrowly tiptoed past a robot patrol without being seen.

Or did they?

A robot was inside a multi-purpose turbolift, washing a dish when they scurried by. It turned, just in time not to see them through the doorway.

After rounding a corner, Mr. Walltalker took a look around. "It's gotta be here somewhere!"

Just then, they heard metallic stomps, followed by several shadows cast over the hall curve they had just crossed through. They rushed to the small sink room and, after excessive squeezing, were all crammed inside.

Reba noticed them, but decided not to hint that at the time. "Ssh. Let them bask in their victory a little while longer."

Mrs. Walltalker's foot slipped and hit a switch. Both were transported through a small portal which jettisoned them upstairs. They rushed across a hallway, only to find another flight of stairs.

The Walltalkers climbed the stairs and found two massive doors at the end of an umpteenth hall. After walking over, Mr. Walltalker tapped the lion-shaped door handle, and the doors opened by themselves.

They both stepped inside. It was in the room that they found the wall tied up. The search was finally over!

"What? How did you--" the wall began.

"Come on, we've got no time to lose," said Mr. Walltalker, and seized a lethal-looking pocketknife. He used it to neatly cut through the wall's bonds. "We're busting out of here, tonight!"

With the wall close behind, they left the room and headed down the stairs. But when they reached the bottom, a net slammed down on them!

Bewildered, Mr. Walltalker looked around. Robots surrounded them, and Reba stood at the center, twirling a sword menacingly. "Going somewhere, guys? I wouldn't tolerate that. Why, my little party's just beginning."

Mrs. Walltalker began to tremble. "Chillax," said Mr. Walltalker. "I have a pair of grabber-knabbers! A claw on a spring." He reached for a sword and used it to cut down the net, rendering it useless.

Mr. Walltalker moved fast, rushing forward and using his sword to swing at Reba. Reba deftly blocked the attack.

As Mrs. Walltalker and the wall took action against the robots, Reba drove Mr. Walltalker back, and before he knew it he was fighting for his life.

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