The Man Who Talked To The Wall

When Mr. Walltalker found out that his wife (Mrs. Walltalker) was incapable of having a baby, he designed a talking wall instead. But now a mysterious force has stolen it! Now Mr. Walltalker, who loves the live wall like a son, is determined to find it! And he brought his wife. But who took it? And how will they get it back?


5. Fighting The Bears

Finally, the Walltalkers decided the wall was not in town and extended their search. Mr. Walltalker suggested they bring their car. But no sooner had they left the big city than two hungry bears showed up.

Mr. Walltalker looked behind him in shock. "Hit it!" cried Mrs. Walltalker.

Mr. Walltalker hit the pedal hard, and the car sped off. The hungry bears tore after the car. Mr. Walltalker was shocked to see the bears were gaining on their car, and pushed the pedal harder until they were moving at 130 miles an hour.

Mrs. Walltalker looked behind her anxiously. "Faster, Roy, faster!"

"The pedal is at the metal," Mr. Walltalker replied.

Drat, thought Mrs. Walltalker.

Ahead was a ditch. Luckily, the bridge was wide and thick--hopefully able to hold their car. They both sped onto the bridge. Yes! thought Mr. Walltalker. Let's see the bears follow this!

He swerved aside. The bears leaped at the car, but overlunged their prey and fell off the bridge. A hundred feet below the Walltalkers, they hit the enormous spikes on the bottom.

Mr. Walltalker breathed a sigh of relief and slowed the car down to a steady 25.

"That's it, we did it!" said Mrs. Walltalker excitedly. She reached over and hugged Mr. Walltalker.

"I know," said Mr. Walltalker. "Let's finish the trip. There's another city 2 miles ahead."

"Hopefully the wall wasn't hidden there," said Mrs. Walltalker.

"It wasn't," said Mr. Walltalker. "Look, a gas station up ahead. Our car could use it."

"Let's go," said Mrs. Walltalker.

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