The Man Who Talked To The Wall

When Mr. Walltalker found out that his wife (Mrs. Walltalker) was incapable of having a baby, he designed a talking wall instead. But now a mysterious force has stolen it! Now Mr. Walltalker, who loves the live wall like a son, is determined to find it! And he brought his wife. But who took it? And how will they get it back?


11. Across The Roof

Finally, the Walltalkers' sled zoomed out from the slide onto a roof made of sand and rock. To their shock, the sled was directed toward the edge of the roof!

Reba zoomed out as well. The impact woke her and roused her to action, and then the robots came tumbling after.

But the ride had given Mr. Walltalker plenty of time to think of a backup plan. He told Mrs. Walltalker that in her ear. Even with his arms bound, he could still reach his pocket. Drawing his pocketknife, he cut cleanly through the ropes binding them.

"Hurry up!" Mrs. Walltalker urged as he gathered their ropes in both hands. Mr. Walltalker used the rope to lasso a lightning rod. The sled did three loops around before settling to a landing.

"They did it! They're saved!" Reba exclaimed upon seeing the tie-up. But she was still headed en course to the roof's edge! "Oh, no!"

"Reba! We've gotta save her!" said Mrs. Walltalker.

Then the robots poured in. "Hey! Guys! Hey!" Mrs. Walltalker shouted, flailing her arms. The robot sleds zoomed past her, kicking up sand. She looked on in annoyance as one more came in.

But this one snagged her and gave her a ride. "Oh! Thank for the lift!" said Mrs. Walltalker. On foot, she knew she had little chance, but on a sled going at the same speed, it was a different story.

Ahead, the robots wove forward in a deadly dance. Mrs. Walltalker passed one robot on the way to Reba, but that hardly seemed to matter. As the edge came into view, three robots joined hands. Then they hooked hands with the others, until even Mrs. Walltalker's sled locked with the rest.

Ahead, the roof was only 10 feet ahead of Reba. Reba grimaced as her sled ran out of ground and fell over the edge. The other robots fell as well. Crap, thought Mrs. Walltalker. All this for not having a plan!

Quickly, the robots all grabbed each other's feet one-by-one. Braced by Robo-11, Robo-2 grabbed Mrs. Walltalker's foot simultaneously.

However, one robot had fallen off the sled, and the sled was long gone. It grabbed on to the robot's foot making the top of the chain, bracing them above the sandy ground.

"A little help?" Reba noted out loud, seeing the robot chain above her.

That's where Mr. Walltalker found them. If it wasn't for a kind local builder native to Timbuktu, the robots probably would have slipped and fallen. He helped them back onto the roof one by one and then left them to their business.

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