i am the one who always dream about being a celebrity and to meet One Direction
i always had dreams of them but sadly they never come true
but one day i met Harry coming in a hair saloon . as i worked in hair saloon so asked me for help
and sooner we becme BFFS i met one direction too


1. The Dreamy Girl ;)

It was midnight and i was trying to sleep in my cozy and warm bed . I heard a weird sound that scared me too much and as i was a little coward so i even did not move from my bed and because of that cowardness i slept for a while. Hey!! Mehreen, wake up it's me Harry . You've been sleeping for 10 hours come on get up you'll be late for your college . This made me horrified and i got up with a shock and in a second my alarm started to ring so loudly , my ears started banging that i already saw Harry in my dream and now this stupid alarm started ringing . Mean while in my college i was taking my geography class as you know it's to boring and i was already too late cause choosing hair styles for my hair is too confusing , when i am half done i open them and make them again . When i faced towards my teacher i saw Harry instead of her and Zayn being a class reprensentative guarding the class for their behaviour . I ran out side the class and saw Liam play badminton and Niall and Louis teasing children for taking their lunch, i rubbed my eyes and said to my self that nothing was real that i saw . Later i went back home and i was studying for my annual exams . I was too curious for it and also i waiting for the next day to give the exam and get the result
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