Manga and Anime Reviews

Here I will be posting my personal thought on every anime / manga I have read or have seen, or both.


1. Introduction

Hello ! My name is KawaiiDeli !

You may wonder why this is being done, but the answer is simple. Its to share the things I love with all of you! As well, it is to broaden the many different genre, besides 'popular'!

Now you may wonder, why is mine better than others/why are my reviews worth reading?

Well, here I will give you a synopsis without spoilers, a review without spoilers, the genre, my own rating for the series between 1-10 , and why I chose that number out of ten.

As well, I will tell you what to look out/ for/ warnings whilst watching (jump scares, gore, blood, symbols, screaming, images, etc). I will also state what you may need while watching it ( a pillow, ear/headphones, tissues, etc.)

Lastly, I will give no spoilers!!

I do hope you enjoy!

(If you have a series that you want to reccomend to have reviewed, please feel free to comment, and don't be shy! )

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