The story is about a couple of friends that met some guys at a store and ends up hanging out and hooking up with them. Its a disaster!


1. Meeting that person

•Chapter 1

        On a Saturday night a couple of friends (Rose, Danielle, Anna, & Marie) went to the store to get a few things. Rose and Danielle went to get takis & cream soda, Anna and Marie went to get candy, popcorn, & marshmallows. Then the girls met up and checked out. On the way to the car Rose said I'm driving! 

(The girls started to laugh)

(Marie threw the keys to Rose.)

(Danielle yelled heads up!) 

(The girls finally made it to the car)  

Across from them in the parking lot set a Toyota truck, 2 guys got out, Rose looked at them and smiled.

(The guys walked over to the car, Anna, Danielle, & Marie got scared) 

(Rose said hey!)

 (1 of the guys walked over towards Rose and asked do y'all girls want to go to a party tonight?)

(Rose looked at the girls)

Rose- What do y'all think? 

(Everything was silent)

Rose- Sorry guys not tonight, what's your name anyways?

Guy 1- My name is Nick, & this is my friend Lester.

Rose- It's nice to meet y'all.

Nick- It's nice to meet you too, what is your name?

Rose- My name is Rose.

(Nick smiled , Rose smiled back)

Rose- Hey Lester! How old are you?

(Lester looked at Rose awkwardly while smoking his vape pen.)

Lester- 22 why? 

Rose- Just asking.

(The girls laughed)

Nick- Sorry he's an ass sometimes. I'm 19 by the way how old are you? And who's in the car?

Rose- Oh it's fine and I'm 16 My friends Marie, Anna, & Danielle they're all 15.

Nick- Hey, how are y'all doing?

Marie- Good

Anna- Alright

Danielle- Pretty good, how are you?

Nick- Great thanks for asking!

Nick- Do you want my number incase y'all change y'all's mind about going to the party? 

Rose- Yeah sure! But my phone is dead...

(Rose asked to use one of the girls phones)

Danielle- My phone is dead.

Marie- Mines dead too.

Anna- Umm.. Sure I guess.

(Anna handed her phone to Rose)

(Rose handed the phone to Nick) 

Nick- I can barley see the letters.

(Rose grabbed the phone ill type it for you)

(Nick gave Rose his number)

Rose- Can I ask you something?

Nick- Yeah sure. 

Rose- Have you been drinking?

Nick- No I'm high darling.

(Rose and the girls started to laugh)

Rose- Your breath smells like alcohol.

(Nick steps closer to Rose he put his hand on her back)

Nick- No darling it's green.

Rose- I swear it smells like you've been drinking.

Nick- No darling. Well Lester and I are about to go in the store and get a few things.

Rose- Alright it was nice meeting you!

Nick- You too. 

(Nick walked over to the door of the car and told the girls bye.)

Girls- Bye

Nick- Bye Rose 

Rose- Bye

(Nick stared walking away, as he walked way he yelled text me later & smiled)

(Rose smiled & got in the car)

(All of the girls started freaking out!)

Danielle- OH MY GOD! What just happened!?

(Marie and Anna speechless)

Rose- Well Danielle... We just got invited to a party and met 2 guys that are 19 & a 22. 

(The girls sat in the car a few minutes and talked about what happened)

( Danielle seen a guy running trough the parking lot)

Anna- Is that Nick?

( As he got closer Marie yells yes! Everybody get down.) 

(Nick opens his truck door)

(Rose looks up and starts laughing)

(Nick seen Rose)

Rose- Everyone sit up he seen us!

(Rose rolled down the window)

Rose- What are you doing?

Nick- I forgot my wallet in the truck.

(Nick waves & walks away)

(The girls wave back)

(Rose cranked the car)

Anna- We forgot the sand for the fire pit!

Marie- Where do you even get sand?

Danielle- Over there near the garden section.

(Rose turned on the car lights, then backed up & drove towards the garden section)

Rose- Who wants to help me get the sand?

Danielle- I'll help you.

(Rose and Danielle get out of the car)

Rose- Danielle go pay for 2 bags of sand.

(Rose hands Danielle $20.00)

(Danielle walks in the store and pays for the sand)

(Rose grabs the sand and puts it in the car)

(Rose & Danielle got in the car & shut the door)

Anna- There is Nick and Lester leaving (Rose cranked the car and followed them out)

(They stopped at the stop sign beside each other)

(Nick & Lester was turning left, Rose and the girls was turning right)

(They pulled off)

(Nick and Lester went to the party while the girls drove to Danielle & Marie's house)


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