Naomi, she's the girl who's always happy, always brightens up the mood.

Kyle is a bad boy, has 'trouble' written on his forehead.

What happens when the two are destined to be together, mates?

Cover is made by @cassx, she makes amazing covers!!



So school begins for me in a few days which means that I won't be able to update as much anymore. I'll probably set a day when I always update, will probably be on Sundays.

I'm really sorry if you thought this was an update, I'll update soon, probably on Monday or Tuesday :)

I have these plans for this book but I'm not sure when to put in the stuff that I have imagined already, I'll have to create a good 'spot'. I guess everyone who writes gets these good ideas and want to write them down and publish it but they want to wait/create the perfect moment to publish it, yeah that's what I'm going through right now.

Random Q: what's your favorite tv series? Mine's TVD or PLL :)

I love you all, stay beautiful and strong.

~ E aka from now on; 11

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