Naomi, she's the girl who's always happy, always brightens up the mood.

Kyle is a bad boy, has 'trouble' written on his forehead.

What happens when the two are destined to be together, mates?

Cover is made by @cassx, she makes amazing covers!!


6. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Naomi's POV

"What?! No, no, no. You're a - ..." I quickly scooted away from Aaron. I had only heard about werewolves in tv series like Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries. It was story's, it couldn't be reality.

"Yes, we're werewolves. And so are your 'parents'." He told me. I felt something sink in my stomach.

I can't handle being a werewolf. I can't stand the sight of blood so how can I be able to... kill people?

"How?" I asked him.

"Well, you may or may not know about true bloods, we're born with werewolf genes in our systems. We can shift into a wolf whenever we want, that's why you haven't found out about it until now."

I nodded, like all the information had sunk it, but it hadn't.

"Does it hurt?" I was afraid I already knew the answer. "The transformation? Yeah." Aaron sighed, I knew it. I buried my face in my hands, hoping this was a nightmare. But it wasn't.

"Hey, I'll be there with you during your first transformation. Okay?" He pulled me into a well needed hug.


It had now gone a few days since I found out that I'm adopted and that I'm a werewolf. I hadn't told any of my friends and I wasn't planning on doing it either.

But Natasha and and Katie wouldn't shut up about me having two hot older brothers. It was actually growing on my nerves.

I was sat in history class as my phone vibrated in my pocket, I quickly pulled it out and read the message that Aaron had sent me:

- Hellooo, you might sit in class right now but I don't care. I can bet it's boring and that the teacher will catch you being on your phone. Anyways, I'm picking you up after school, we're having sibling time. :)

"Naomi, would you mind putting your phone away? Or do I need to come and take it away from you?" The history teacher mr. Wright said, causing me to look up from my phone.

"I'll be fine, thank you." I faked a smile and put my phone away. Thanks Aaron.

Rest of class went by as I improved my drawing skills, doodling in my note pad as Katie was poking my side.

"Why did you ignore me during class?" Katie linked arms with me as we walked out of class. "I didn't wanna get on mr. Wright's wrong side, again." It was the truth. "Okay, well who was texting you?" She nudged slightly my arm, wiggling her eyebrows.

"Aaron. And what happened to 'texts are private stuff'?" I asked her, slightly annoyed as I put my books into my locker.

"What did he want?" Katie asked with a smile. She and Natasha wouldn't quit asking about Sean and Aaron.

"Who wanted what?" Natasha appeared from behind. "Aaron." Katie wiggled her eyebrows once again, causing me to roll my eyes. It was actually gross and creepy having your two best friends 'fangirling' over your older brothers.

Katie looked at me questioning, waiting for an answer from me. "He's picking me up for sibling time." I closed my locker and started walking towards the doors.

"Awh, that's so cute!" Natasha cooed, here we go again...

We walked out to the parking lot, me scanning it as I searched for Aaron. "Boo!" I heard him from behind. "You ass!" I jumped a little and slapped his chest, me and Aaron had really bonded the last few days as siblings. Unfortunately Sean had been working with pack stuff so I hadn't really seen him since the dinner.

"You scared me." I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Yeah, yeah. Sorry. Now put this on." He handed me a motorcycle helmet. As I looked at it my eyes grew big, "Don't tell me I have to sit behind you on that." I nodded over to a pitch black motorcycle behind Aaron. "I'm afraid it's a yes this time." He smiled a crooked smile and handed me the helmet once again as I didn't take it the first time.

I looked over at Natasha and Katie, they looked they were starstruck. Awkward? Anyone?

"Oh, these are my friends, Katie and Natasha." I told Aaron as I shot them a glare, luckily they snapped back to reality before Aaron glanced over at them, "Hi." He said and put his helmet on, "Are you coming?"

I stood there, with the helmet still in my hands, shaking my head in a 'no'. Aaron sighed and walked over to me, grabbing the helmet and putting it on my head.

I wasn't getting on the motorcycle.

When I was really young I had seen a accident just a few feet away, and the guy on the motorcycle had died. Just like that in the middle of the street.

"C'mon Naomi, don't make this hard. Nothing will happen to you." Aaron told me, but I my feet were frozen to the ground.

"We really don't wanna keep Sean waiting." He said, "Sean? He's coming?" I asked him, he nodded his head.

We stood there for a while, I noticed Natasha and Katie were gone, I would have no other choice than get on the motorcycle. "No." Escaped from my mouth, causing Aaron to mumble something.

"Fine, then I'll do it myself." He groaned and grabbed me by the waist, "Aaron, what are you doing?!" I asked him shocked, "I'm getting you on my motorcycle." He lifted me up from the ground with ease and put me down on the motorcycle.


Riding on the motorcycle with Aaron wasn't as bad as I had thought, it was pretty okay.

We arrived to a mall that was a good 15 minutes away from school.

"Can we go shopping? Pleeeaaase?" I begged Aaron as he turned off the engine. "Nope." He said and took my helmet off. I felt like a child.

We walked towards the mall in silence. Well, until I broke it.

"I'm sorry for not getting on your motorcycle when you asked me to." I looked over at Aaron who shoved his hands in his pockets, crooking his head to his side, "You have a reason for it, don't you?" He asked me and I nodded, I ended up telling him the whole story about the accident I had seen when I was a child.

"I didn't give you any heart attacks, did I?" He pulled me into a hug, "No." I said as I hugged him back. Aaron was literally the most amazing brother ever. "Good."

As we walked inside the mall, I immediately spotted Sean, he was talking to another guy but I couldn't see who it was since the person was standing with his back towards me and Aaron.

"Hi sis." Sean pulled me into a hug and ruffled my hair, much to my disliking. "Hi." I smiled at him after I had slapped his hand away.

I looked at the other guy, realizing it was Kyle. Why did he talk to Sean? "Hi." I flashed him a smile, he smiled back. Suddenly his eyes changed color when Sean put an arm over my shoulder, but soon they were back to their normal color.

"I have to go, I'll see y'all around." Kyle excused himself and walked away.

What the hell was that about?

I spent the rest of the day with Sean and Aaron at the mall, just having fun without thinking about being werewolves. And I liked that.

We had no idea of what was coming.


Helloooo :) I really needed to get this chapter out since it has a bit to do with the next chapter.

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