Dramione - Can She Trust Him

Two years after being captured, Hermione Granger is finally released from her imprisonment. The Dark Lord is defeated and there is no reason for the Malfoys to keep her locked up in the cellar. She flees as fast as she can as far as possible from the mansion right into the arms of her friends. Hermione can't remember much of her time before these two years and of course she knows nothing about the Battle of Hogwarts. However she remembers eveything that happened in those two years but won't open up about it. Whom will she trust and more importantly, confide in?

~ Sequel to Dramione And The Order Of The Phoenix, although it only loosely follows the former story. All the wonderful characters and most of the places and happenings are J.K.Rowlings piece of mind and are used in a new way for a completely independent story. ~


1. Leaving the manor

Leaving the manor


"You are free to go." Mrs. Norton tells Hermione. 
Hermione just looks at the Malfoy's friendly housekeeper. She won't dare going anywhere after what had happened the last time she had left the dungeons. She shudders at the mere thought of the punishment. 
"You're free, Mudblood," Lucius Malfoy's drawling voice assures her. "There is no more use for you. However you are to never return again."
She looks at him in disbelief. Never would she even think about returning. Cautiously she gets up of the ragged blanket she had hopefully slept under for the last time now. She runs past them and up the stairs, before they could change their minds and dashes towards the front door. 
"Stop," Narcissa Malfoy's icy voice demands as Hermione lays her hand on the doorknob. "Don't you think you forgot something?"
She stops in her tracks terrified, thinking about running for it but too afraid of being punished again. However she also doesn't want to have to go back down. Slowly she turns towards the tall woman with the white-blonde hair and nasty scowl upon her pretty face. 
"Your wand," Narcissa says and reaches out to her. "What would you do without it?"
Hermione takes it carefully and for just a split second thinks she saw sadness in her eyes. Without another thought she leaves through the front door and runs, runs as fast as her body could go without collapsing. Only few minutes later she comes to a halt in the middle of the woods surrounding the mansion she hates so much. Exhausted she leans against a tree and slumps to the floor. The leaves crunch under her weight, producing the only audible sound besides her ragged breathing. She tries hard to remember, when she had felt so relieved the last time she had been alone. As much as she enjoys the calm, she also knows she will eventually have to leave which leads to her thinking. Where could she possibly go without being suspicious. However the sound of approaching steps alerts her and she disapparated to the first place coming to her mind. Surprised she finds herself outside Grimmauld Place 12. Slowly as to not draw attention to herself, she approaches the house. The front door unlocked, she pushes it open and slithers in. She tiptoes through the entrance hall trying not to alert Kreecher. However it's not him who notices her but Ron, who sticks his head out of the kitchen to see who arrived. 


"Hermione?" he asks disbelieving as he enters the hallway and walks towards her. 
She smiles wearily as she can't seem to remember him clearly, although he does seem familiar. 
"We believed you dead," Ron exclaims as he draws closer to her. "How did you survive? Are you alright? Hermione, talk to me."
"I-I'm fine, I guess." she stutters, pulling her cloak around her tightly. 
The cloak was nice and warm and exactly her size, she had just received it a few weeks back as a birthday present from the Malfoy's. They might have not cared about her but treated her unexpectedly well when she behaved right. However she was punished severely when she had misbehaved. She shudders at the thought of her own body lying on the floor and writhing in pain. Ron thinking she is cold, takes her by her hand and guides her into the kitchen. She likes the feeling of his warm hand and holds on to it tightly. 
"What is Kreecher up to now?" Ginny asks Ron as he approaches the table. 
She isn't looking up as she plays wizarding chess against her elder brother George. Hermione finds it unusual to see George without his twin Fred and looks at Ron quizzically. 
"It's not Kreecher," Ron replies, ignoring her. "We have a guest."
Ginny looks up in confusion and her face lights up as she sees Hermione, causing George to turn around. 
"We thought you dead too." George says, his mouth twitches upwards but the smile doesn't reach his eyes. 
"What do you mean 'too'," Hermione wants to know. "What happened? Did somebody die?"
By the pained look on George's face she understands at once.
"Oh George," she whispers. "I am so sorry. Who?"
"I'm back." Harry's voice yells and is followed by the sound of a closing door. 
His footsteps approach but stop right outside the kitchen door. Obviously he is hanging up his coat in the hallway. 
"No news on Hermione's whereabouts." Harry sighs as he enters and stops in his tracks. 

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