The Chronicles


6. Revenge at the River

Chapter 5 – Revenge at the River



After banging on that door forever they finally let me in. And in no time we had developed the perfect plan of revenge. If the plan was successful then the girls would know never to mess with us again, if it wasn't then we'd be dead....and then we'd know never to mess with girls again. That, and they'd probably lock me out…


The boys army crawled all of the two miles down to the lake, something they called "sneak attack mode." (Stupid shit not really worth thinking about) Okay back to the story.



Whichever genius thought it would be a good idea to crawl on our stomachs all the way down to the river is the one I'm going to roast over the fire tonight. Shoot, the fire. This plan better work and it better work fast for us to get that fire going before we'd soon be a part of that fire. Because if we screw it up with these girls, instead of them bringing back fish to be on the menu, we'll be on the menu...and believe me I don't taste good.



"I see them!"

 "I only see Vicky and Victoria...aren't the twins supposed to be with them too?" asked Arthur.

 "No, I see the twins, they’re on the banks. Czarina's sleeping and Krystina's eating." Max pointed out.

"Okay let's split up." I say.

"Good idea.  Jordan and I will surprise attack Vicky and Victoria in the water. We'll yank on their line, making them think they've caught a huge fish and then we'll pull them underwater and totally freak them out." Arthur explained.

"Dude, we went over the plan like a billion times, you don't have to repeat it, I'm sure everyone knows what they're doing." Max said.

 "Ya!" I added, "….what exactly are Max and I supposed to do again?"

“Are you serious.” Max asked, looking at me with his face.

 "Look, you just take their bait and throw it at them." Jordan said, “and if anything goes wrong, play it cool.”

 "Ya, but what about Czarina and Krystina...won't they see us coming and warn Vicky and Victoria?" I asked.

"Oh, hmmm. We assumed they'd be fishing too. Okay change of plans. Forget bait throwing, distract the twins." Arthur instructed.

"Aw, but it took me forever to come up with the bait throwing part." whined Jordan.

 "No, it's much better. This way we can also get our revenge on them for eating our perfectly hidden candy cones." That’s right I counted. "We just take Krystina's butterballs. I mean what's she gonna do? Cry?" I said. I really hope she wouldn't cry, I'd feel awful. Secretly I was glad I got to go up against Krystina. It's just, I knew if I did, then she wouldn't get it as bad as the other guys were planning to do her. That, and I could hang out with her; well sort of, until she figures this whole thing out and tackles me to the floor.



"Guys before we split up there's just one thing I'd like to say...Jake you did a horrible job hiding the candy cones!" Jake gasped and pointed at Jordan, "Me! Jordan hid them!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"And.....split up!" Max said pulling Jake away and towards the banks.

Jordan and I headed straight for the water, but at an angle the girls wouldn't see us coming. We dove in.

"Ew man, this water is nasty! I can't even see the fishing line." Jordan complained.

 "Just close your eyes and feel around for it." I say.

I felt around, felt something, and yanked on it. Suddenly I felt it wiggling. I lifted my head out of the water and opened my eyes to see Vicky standing right in front of me. She kicked me and said, "Arthur what the hell are you doing to my foot?"

Jordan now popped out of the water behind Victoria. "Way to go man, you totally blew our cover!"

 "I didn't see you try anything else!" I snapped.

 "Some great plan Arthur." Jordan said with a pft.

 "Some great plan!? It was YOUR plan!" I shouted.

 "Oh ya sure." Jordan mummered.



So Vic and I are having a fun time fishing by ourselves since Czarina and Krystina have been on their "break" and then Vicky talks about something pulling on her leg. Arthur pops out of nowhere and Vicky's kicking him to get him off her foot. Like what the heck! Was he trying to seduce her foot or something! Then Jordan pops up behind me and both of the guys start going at it about some stupid plan of theirs. "What obviously stupid plan are you two talking about?!" I demand.

 "Jordan's brilliant plan!" Arthur said.

 "Thank you!" Jordan replied.

 "I was being sarcastic." Arthur commented back. Jordan splashed Arthur, then Arthur splashed Jordan, and the Vicky and I forced their heads under the water for ten seconds so they could cool their raging bubbles down!

"Okay let's try this again" I say pulling them back up, "I don't care whose plan it was! I just want to know what plan it is." Both boys said nothing.

"Well?" Vicky asks.

 Jordan splashes Arthur then Arthur splashes Jordan again. Vicky and I both looked at each other and dunked the two boys back under the water. When we pulled them back up they were gasping for air. "Fine okay! We just wanted to get you back for making us run outside in our underwear." Arthur gasped.

"Underwear really?" I said bursting out into laughter.

“Ya. Thanks.”

“Hey, don’t blame us. We haven’t played any pranks on you –yet.”

“Yeah, we weren’t even trying to get you.” Victoria added in

"How is it that they still get us even when they don't try to get us?!" Jordan said frustrated.

 "They used your back fired plan against us." Arthur said.

"Nice plan Jordan." Vicky laughed.




"Dude maybe we should leave them alone." I say.

"You wanted your revenge so badly, take it." Max said.

I remembered the candy cones. "Okay fine, let's sneak up behind them and tackle them!"

 "Or…. you distract them and I'll attack them from behind." Max enticed.

“Hey! No fair! Why do you get to attack them?”

“Okay, I’ll attack them from behind while you distract them.”

I shook my head.

“Then you distract them while I attack them from behind.” He said.

I don’t know if he was playing mind games on me, but that second part he said sounded good, so I agreed.

 "Sounds simple, let's do it!" I say.

Max ran to hide for the attack. Yup, he tricked me –again.

I slowly walked up right in front of where they were, they'd never know I was coming. "Jake, we know you’re coming." Czarina said lying down with her eyes closed.

 "Oh hey girls! I didn't see you there." How could they have known I was coming? I thought.

 "I knew you were coming because I overheard you two losers plotting very loudly just feet away." Kyrstina said.

Heard us? How could she have heard us? We had been more than feet away, or at least I thought we had. "What? Plotting? No…Just came to say hi." I say trying to ‘play it cool ' like Jordan had suggested.

Then Max pops out of nowhere and jumps towards Krystina and Czarina. I stood by watching as the two twins went all beast on Max and tackled him to the floor. So glad it wasn’t me. Poor guy never even stood a chance. It looked like things didn't go accordingly to plan for Jordan and Arthur either. Max, Czarina, Krystina, and I looked up and watched as Jordan ran out of the water, grabbed the bucket of worm bait, and threw it at Victoria and Vicky screaming "It’s not over yet!!!!!!!!" like a lunatic.

The kid looked stupid standing their throwing worms and screaming while everyone else was silent, watching him slowly go insane, sad really. I'm so glad he decided to 'play it cool'

"What are you doing Jordan?" I could hear Arthur ask.

"Plan B! The plan can still work!!!" he yelled in reply.

 "Just be a good little boy and set the bucket down." Arthur said standing up and slowly nearing Jordan.

"You'll never catch me!!!" He shouted, running around throwing worms at Arthur who was chasing him. Yup, its official, he's totally lost it. Once Arthur finally chased Jordan down, 900 worm flings later, he pulled him over and sat him down on the bank. Jordan looking all disappointed in his plan.

 "Don't worry, it wasn't an awful plan.." Victoria said picking worms off her. 

"You guys said that the water down here was clear. You lied. If it had been clear then our plan would have worked." he said like a grunch.

 "Hey, I wish it was clear too so I wouldn't have had to be foot raped." Vicky said staring at Arthur.

 "I don't understand, it was clear yesterday." Victoria mentioned.

"But today it looks cloudy and muddy." I added in.

 "Weird." Krystina says, "These sweet-butter balls don't taste as fresh as they did yesterday either."

"What do you thinks going on?" Max asks.

 "Well usually sucker bloat fish swim up and down the river sucking up all the waste, keeping the water clean. They keep the water able for fish to live in. I guess that explains why we didn't catch anything today." Vicky explains.

Victoria adds, "Oo and even sometimes the bloat fish would even suck the dirt off out feet and leave us clean for our walk back home."

 "Speaking of home" I say looking up," I thinks we better head back toward the house...Jordan's free worm buffet is attracting a very large and a very scary bird."

 "Race you there!" Max says, as they all follow behind.

 I ran and as I ran saw what looked like Helga! I stop running.  How could the bunny alive!? But I know it's not her. That's when I see something else.

End of Part 2

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