The Chronicles


1. Prologue (This explains the story)


Our story begins in a lost world, known before as Wonderland. As of now everything grows and the animals are always out and about. Things aren’t exactly as they are in the fairytale story you’re used to. As far as I’m concerned, there is a Cheshire cat…but I’ve never seen him. The white rabbit has been my wonder in Wonderland. I’m always looking for him and sometimes I’m lucky enough to see him, but end up losing him as I try to follow where he goes. The Queen of Hearts is either dead or long gone, for Wonderland has never been better. I haven’t seen her ferocious six foot beasts ever roam the forests here, which makes Wonderland even more wonderful! But you’re probably wondering who am I and how I got here. I’m Rachel, one of the many teens here in Wonderland. The other people here are my friends: Victoria, Vicky, Jenny, Czarina, Krystina, Jordan, Arthur, Max, and Jake. We’re “The Chronicles”, or that’s what we call ourselves anyway. We all work for the Chief. Yes, I guess you could call us secret agents; but aside from the cool gadgets and missions, we all live a normal life and we all love each other like a family. But how we met and became secret agents is another story. Anyway, a while ago there had been suspicion that this fairytale had seemed darker than it should. However, that case was dropped because no evil had been happening within the fairytale. One day we had all gotten together at Jenny’s. Jordan had been at headquarters earlier that day to pick up some stuff of his he had left there. Remembering that the Chief had gone on a business trip for a month, Jordan decided to snoop around. He came across some of the gadgets in the Chief’s office and found a teleporter along with files containing dropped cases and missions. He found one that particularly sparked his interest and took it and the teleporter with him. He had pulled out both objects and laid them before us all. We checked out the gadget and the files.

“So this is why you wanted us all to meet up at my place?” asked Jenny. “Yeah, but check this out!” he excitingly said as he held up the gadget. “So what? It’s a gadget.” said Krystina. “Not just a gadget,” Jordan stated, “it teleports!” “Whoa!” said Vicky. “That’s sick!” commented Max. “How does it work?” I asked.  Jordan read the back of teleporter out loud, “To operate your teleporting device say the names of who will teleport and where you want to go, by simply saying ‘Go To’ and then the desired location; followed by pressing the large red button. Then you are teleported and the gadget will follow with you.” “That’s sweet!” said Czarina, grabbing the teleporter. She stood up and said, “Czarina, go to Jenny’s kitchen.” She pressed the button. And just like that she disappeared from our little circle in the living room and reappeared in the kitchen. “Well we know it works!” said Victoria. Czarina slowly walked back with a box of Twinkies and passed them out to us. We ate the snack as we passed around the papers from the files. “Wonderland?” Jake said in confusion.  “Why were we never told about this?” asked Krystina. “Maybe it’s because the Chief knew we’d try to go” said Victoria. “We’ll the Chief won’t be back for at least another 3 weeks.” Jordan confirmed. “Oh that’s right, he’s on a business trip” added Arthur. “That’s why I’m saying we should go.” Jordan suggested. “I don’t know…” said Vicky. “Oh come on you guys we haven’t had an assignment in a long time” pleaded Jordan. “That’s true…” added Arthur. “Shouldn’t we ask the Chief first?” asked Max. “Nah, we’ll totally be back in time before he finds out we even took the stuff.” reassured Jordan. “We? You mean you.” clarified Jenny “I don’t want to get in trouble with the Chief.” “If he found out we took a mission on our own he’d kill us, or worse,” gulped Victoria, “fire us.” “I don’t wanna get fired!” whined Jake. “Yeah, I like my job! Working as a secret agent is fun!” Krystina added. “Besides, it says here in the file; that there is a vicious, six foot tall, round and white hyena-like creature with black spots, a bulldog-like face, and a long tail, that just so happens to works for The Red Queen. Great.”  I said. “And it says that The Red Queen loves cutting heads off.”  Victoria mentioned. “But isn’t that the fun part?” asked Jordan. “Um, getting our heads chopped off?” I asked. “No no no, I meant the adventure and excitement! Just imagine it! Us fighting off all the darkness they suspect that’s going on there.” explained Jordan. “Here it says the case had been recalled because after further examination, they found out that there were no evil acts going on.” Vicky stated. “Plus, the Mad Hatter and the March Hare could have a freak attack and kill us all in our sleep!” said Max in a sheepish tone. “Well I don’t know about you guys but I don’t want to die by and attack from an insane man.” said Jenny. “But doesn’t a tea party with them sound fun?” asked Jordan. “A tea party with insane people? Really? That’s your way of trying to get us all to go?” questioned Czarina. “Sorry Jordan, it doesn’t look like it’s going to work out.” I apologized. “It’s fine,” he said as everyone handed him back a piece of the file, “I’ll just return the stuff back to the Chief’s office tomorrow.” 

We all stayed quiet for a moment as Jordan packed up the case. Then Jenny broke the silence saying, “Anyone else hungry?” “I’m hungry!” Czarina exclaimed. “Me too!” said her twin Krystina. “Last one there is a rotten Twinkie!” Jake said weirdly in excitement. Immediately they all got up and ran for the kitchen.

I mean, as fun as the mission looked, we knew we should close up the files and return the teleporter. I had wondered about for what other reasons the case had been recalled. While everyone made their way to the kitchen, I hung back to check out the file. As I flipped through the pages, I had seen something no one else had noticed. On the last page of the report, it read:

Warning: Due to the different characteristics of fairytales and other lands, once inside the story, you’ll only have a matter of time to get out before you become stuck inside of it permanently.

Permanently stuck? I kept reading.

Also:      To avoid conflicts and to get out of the story much simpler and faster, try going along with the plot. This is recommended but not necessary.

                Refrain from causing unnecessary chaos

Keep in mind that most real world materials, such as cell phones and other devices, will not work in the properties of a different surrounding, such being:  inside the story lands. For more information revisit the Analysis report on page 9

And no matter what, do not take anything from the story and bring it into another. Such actions could cause the story to change dramatically and eliminate all accessible exits leaving you trapped within the present story

Interesting I thought. I grabbed the file and headed straight for the kitchen. “You guys! It says that if we went we’d only have a matter of time to get out of the story before we became permanently trapped!” I said. “Haha you’re the rotten Twinkie!” Jake laughed, again-weird.  “We’re you guys even paying attention to what I said?” “Rachel it doesn’t matter we're not even-” Jenny said before I cut her off by saying, “But if you’d just listen I’m not even sure th-”  “Listen Rachel,” Jenny tried to explain cutting me off this time and grabbing the file from my hand. Jenny began to slowly walk backwards with the file and was heading right toward the teleporter Jordan had set down on the counter while he went to go make himself a sandwich. As she got closer to it I shouted, “Jenny wait!” “No!” she said “Let me make this very clear, neither you-Rachel, me- Jenny, Jordan, Victoria, Vicky, Max, Jake, Arthur, Krystina, or Czarina are gonna go to Wonderland!” she yelled, slamming the file down behind her. Great. She hit the file right on top of the teleporter that I had been trying to warn her was there. Jenny quickly lifted the file off the big, red button, held the teleporter, and stared at it with shock. Then we all vanished.

Everything was so bright, but the surrounding figures quickly began to take their shape and color. I looked around, seeing all of the strange plants and objects I had once seen in the movie. We were in Wonderland. “Welcome to Wonderland…” I said softly. Everyone was stunned by the view and color. Jake drew their attention to a cute little bunny just feet away from where they stood. “Awwww isn’t he cute! Let’s name it Helga! “Then, Vicky spotted and pointed out a beautiful gold, blue, red, and green bird flying right by us. One you could never imagine or ever expect to see in any zoo in the real world. We all watched it soar in awe. But just then, it opened its sharp toothed mouth and chopped off the head of the bunny rabbit munching on grass, and then flew away with its head dangling by the ears. If seeing that didn’t freak you out, then I can’t imagine what type of birds you’ve seen before. Jakes mouth hung open. His knees hit the floor as he cried out, “Helgaaaaaa!!!!!!!!” After Jake’s dramatic outburst, everyone started panicking and going frantic; freaking out that they’d have their heads eaten by a bird too, and whining about how they wanted to go back home. They surrounded Jenny all at once, asking ‘what do we do! what do we do!’ “Chill guys, we just press the button to go back home.” Jenny held out the teleporter in the palm of her hand. Jordan snatched it from Jenny and said, “Jordan, Jenny, Victoria, Vicky, Rachel, Max, Jake, Arthur, Krystina, and Czarina. Go to Jenny’s house.” He pressed the button.

We waited.




Nothing happened. “Give me that.” Jenny said, as she took the teleporter back. “What makes you think it’s going to work for you?” asked Jordan in a mocking tone. Jenny stared at him and said, “Well maybe it just doesn’t like you. Now watch and learn.” This time she held it out and said, “Jenny, Rachel, Victoria, Vicky, Max, Jake, Jordan, Arthur, Krystina, and Czarina. Go to Street 428 Wallaby Way.” Then she pressed the red button. Again nothing happened and I knew why. “What the fuck? You broke it.” Jenny said. “No” Jordan replied, “It just doesn’t like you.” Jenny lunged toward Jordan to attack him, but Max held her back while Jordan hid behind Vicky. “It’s not broken.” I said. “Of course it is” claimed Jenny. “Yeah, it was working before.” Czarina added.

 “No, Jenny I tried to tell you that I didn’t think the transporter could even work out here, because in the files it said that modern day technology wouldn’t work in storylands.” “That doesn’t make sense. Why would the Chief leave us a teleporter to go to Wonderland if it didn’t work here?” asked Jordan. “First of all Einstein, he never left us a teleporter, you took it. And second of all, he didn’t even want us to come here! That’s why they had the case dismissed!” I responded. “So were stuck here?!” Arthur asked in an alerted tone. “Appears so” I answered. “Wait,” added Jake, “didn’t you say something about us coming here? That we would be permanently stuck inside the story?” “Well from what I read, we can only stay here so long. And besides, you’d know if you were becoming a part of the story, because you’d start saying the lines written for your part and sing even when you didn’t want to. You’d morph into the story.” They all stared at me scared, I guess; not knowing what to do. I shook off the silence and depression by suggesting, “Anyway… I suggest we make the best of it while we can! And work on finding that exit later.” “I say we work on a shelter before that head eating bird comes back.” proposed Jake. “Smart.” I said, “but where?”

“What about over here?” Victoria said standing next to giant mushrooms. “Yeah I guess that would work.” Czarina agreed.  Krystina seemed to be observing the structure. She said, “This one is the largest mushroom. If we cut a door area here, the inside should be hollow enough for some beds.” “And a kitchen.” added Czarina. Soon everyone was pitching in ideas. “Maybe a table!” “A bathroom!” “A sofa!” “Some stairs!” After drawing out a plan, we ran back and forth collecting supplies to build a house out of the mushroom and in no time we had transformed a giant mushroom into a stunning crib for our crew! We stood back amazed at what we had accomplished. The house ended up having ten beds upstairs, a huge kitchen, a roomy living room, a collection room (for things we hunt or find), a bathroom in a separate mushroom outback, and a breathtaking view of Wonderland. We also had found some weird glowing bugs and stuck them on the top of the ceiling for light. So, after a long day of stress and hard mushroom house building work, we all decided to call it a night and go to sleep. Well I guess that just about catches you up! Now you know how we got to Wonderland. To recap, we were accidently sent inside the fairytale through a teleporter. However as fate would have it, the teleporter doesn’t work in Wonderland! we’ve been stuck here ever since.  Now our only concern is to stay alive and get out before we get stuck in the story and more importantly, before the Chief gets back. 

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