The Chronicles


3. Meeting the Rest of the Gang

(This chapter is called "Meeting the Rest of the Gang" because if you haven't read the prolouge and aren't aware of the characters, then your getting to meet them now)

Chapter 2 - Meeting the Rest of the Gang



*Outside of the house stacking wood on top of each other*

Leave it to me to build the fire alone. I mean were all supposed to build the fire but I'm the only one left doing it. I mean honestly! Jordan’s sleeping on the pile of logs I need, Jakes making a wood fort, and I don't know where the hell Arthur went. Great. Now I need more wood.

*Walks over to Jordan and pulls the logs out from under him*

"Wake up Sleeping Beauty!!!" Jordan startled says "What the fuck man! Can’t you see I'm sleeping!"

Okay, it’s like literally around 6 o'clock in the afternoon how the hell can he be THAT tired. Oh great, now he rolled over and is sleeping on a mushroom. Well I guess since no one else cares about making the fire I'll just help Jake build the fort.



Weird. The trees over here don't look as good as they did yesterday. Oh well. I think this wood should do it!

*Walks back to where Max, Jordan, and Jake are*

Okay, so I went out collecting the wood we needed and the guys are sleeping and making wood forts. Unbelievable.

"What the hell are you doing?" I said. "Building a fort." Jake replied. "Where in the world have you been?" asked Max. I looked down at my arms full with wooden logs and then look back at Max. Did he honestly not see that I had been collecting wood?  "Collecting the wood we needed!! You know, for the FIRE!" I said, now frustrated with the guys.

*Throws wood down in pile*

"Dude the girls are going to be back any minute and they're gonna kill us if we don't have this fire made in time!" I remember the last time we didn't do our one job and Jenny almost killed us with one of her arrows.

"Shit dude, I can see some of them coming back from the river!"

Max and Jake panicked and quickly got together the firewood while I woke up Jordan. He freaked out after I told him how little time we had to build the damn fire before the girls got here. "Shit shit shit" he kept saying while quickly trying to stack the logs with Max and Jake. I worked on the actual fire part and when I had the flame I lit the wood on fire.



So Arthur finally lights the fire and we think we’re all good and saved, but then......the fire went out. We all freaked out and blew rapidly on the smoke and then, the flames burst all at once almost taking all our faces off. Like bloody hell! I' all are. But at least we got it going in time, because here come the girls.



We arrived at the campground after fishing in the river and....the guys are out of breath?! I mean they literally do nothing all day, and they’re panting like dogs. It’s funny, but suspicious.... 

"You guys okay?" I ask. "Oh ya were great!" Max said with a smiled. "And you’re panting because........?" All of a sudden things are going through my mind on the whole panting thing and I turn and look at Vicky like what. the. fuck. "I think they’ve had too much alone time." Czarina said laughing. "Way too much alone time." added Krystina. "HAHAHAHAHAHA. No." said Jordan, understanding what they meant. "We're just out of breath." "Why?" I asked. The guys looked at each other trying to come up with an excuse. "Uh.....because.... we were... working out?" Jake said. "Mhhm" added Czarina. "Well… Czarina and I are going to go indoors to sleep until Jenny and Rachel show up." said Krystina walking toward the house. "Okay," I said, "Whelp these fish aren't going to cook themselves!" We all grabbed a fish and began to roast them over the fire. But it was starting to get darker, and I was beginning to wonder where Jenny and Rachel were.

* * *


As we made our way back empty handed, without a dead rabbit or a deer, Rachel thought it would be a good idea to collect some of the breadflies and parts of special mushrooms that could make you grow and shrink. (If you've ever watched Alice in Wonderland, the breadflies are pieces of bread that look like butterflies and are totally edible. Also if your cook the mushrooms, then the growth magic has no effect, but still makes a delicious snack!) So we'd at least be coming back with something. I wondered if the boys had actually remembered to build the fire this time. "I can't wait to beat'em up if they didn't make the fire!" I said evilly. "I can't wait to see that!" Rachel jokingly replied. As we neared the rest of the group, I saw the fire. "Fuck. I was really looking forward to using my sharp arrow on them this time!" We both laughed.



Slowly roasting my disgusting, slimy fish (that I could have sworn was eyeballing me) I looked up and saw Jenny! Yay! "Here come Jenny and Rachel." I say notifying the others. I ran up to Jenny and hugged her. "I missed you." "I missed you too." she said back. (Jenny and Max had been together for months and were and inseparable pair.)




I called down Krystina and Czarina from the house and told them Jenny and Rachel had arrived. Soon we were all eating around the campfire. Once we finished eating and once the sun went down and the stars came out, we put out the fire and headed inside to sleep.

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