The Chronicles


9. Here We Go Again

Chapter 8 - Here We Go Again



Czarina and I were walking toward the river. Her idea.  "Okay Czarina we only have an hour before we have to head back."

"Ya okay whatever" she said totally ignoring me. 

"Anyway I think our best strategy is to stick together." I say looking around for Rachel and Jake. 

When I turned back to Czarina, she was gone. Seriously. You have got to be kidding me. I lost her in like what? a minute? What point of stick together no matter what did she not understand. Now I had to look for Rachel, Jake, and Her. I wandered around and finally found her lying down on a log, sleeping. "There you are! Where'd you go?"

"Me?" Czarina said.

"Yes you! You just walked away and ditched me. You cant just randomly wander off while I'm trying to talk to you."

"I didn't."

"Yes. Yes you did."

"No, I think its the other way around. You walked away and left me here. I was just waiting for you to come back."

"Oh..... Maybe your right. I'm so sorry for blaming you Czarina. " I said apologetically. 

"Good to hear. And you were right, I did ditch you." she laughed.

"Wait? What? Ugh Nevermind. Can we just agree to stay together?"

"Sure." Czarina agreed. 

"Good" I said, "Lets look over there." I turned around and pointed at the spot I thought we should check. "Sound good?" I asked turning back to her. 

Not again......Czarina was gone. 



So Max is blah blah blahing about how we should stick together and then he totally turns his back to me and I get snatched. These two big playing cards grabbed me from behind the bushes and dragged me into the forest. Now they're taking me somewhere but what they dont know is that I'm about to release my inner beast. Out of nowhere I spring up kicking and punching them off of me. I'm tackling them to the floor, biting their faces off, and beating the shit out of them. Then Max has to come and "help".

"You just had  to get kidnapped, didnt you?" He said. 

"Well if you would pay attention, you would have seen them coming. Listen, I don't need your help. I can handle it on my own." I say while fighting off one of the two cards. 

"You might have been killed if I didnt come to rescue you." he says while battling the other card. I punched the gaurd in the face, took off its arms and legs, then stuck it into the ground with a stick. One down, one to go. I jumped on to the back of the remaining card and covered his eyes as Max beat him up. Then the guard fell to the floor. "We did it!" Max cheered. "No." I say stopping him. "did it. Your Welcome."

"See." Max says, "This is why I said we should stick together. That way we dont end up like them." 

"I could take them anyday."I boasted. 

"Anyday huh? Well here come about eight more." Max said. "Were being ambushed." 

Max and I stood back to back with our fists up ready to fight, as the cards began to surround us. 




"So where do you want to start looking?" I ask.

"How about I go this way and you go that way." Krystina said pointing in oppisite directions. 

"Come on, this could be fun." I say.

"Fun until I kill you." Krystina adds. 

"How about we tell knock knock jokes for fun instead." I suggest. "Knock Knock" 

"I dont care." Krystina replys.

"Try and get into it Krystina." I urge. 

"Fine." she said as we walk in a random direction. "How about I tell you a story to pass the time. Once upon a time there was a kid named Jordan." 

"Hey like me!" I say. 

"Ya ya big coincidence. Anyway....he talked so much that his mouth caught on fire and he slowly started to burn. This beautiful magical enchantress, we'll just call her Krystina for now, had the option to save Jordan. But because he was annoying her with stupid knock knock jokes she decided to drop a piano on him and then she led him in a random direction to find his friends...or so he thought. Her real plans were to take him to a dark alley where no one could hear him scream and slowly and painfully cut off his skin and turn it into a nice carpet. Then she would take the rest of him and feed him to a man-eating razor-tooth great white shark. However his bones still remained. So she took the bones and threw them into a volcano to make sure that his pain was eternal. and THEN she took all of his money and spent it on makeup and clothes followed by posting his diary online for everyone to see. And as her final punishment, she took all of his frozen bacon cheese filled churros and gave them to a fat preist to destroy. The End." 

 "That was really depressing. I'll show you how a good story is supposed to go. Once upon a time there was a girl and a prince." 

"Boring! How about we play the silent game." Krystina suggests. 

"No. How about you let me tell my story." 

"How about I call those big scary looking things over there to come and take you far far away."

"There are no big scary looking things. Anyway the girl grew up on a farm and ate alot of turnips."

"Oh my goodness kill me already." Krystina said. "Hey! Hey you! Over here!" 

Krystina was calling and waving to someone far off in the distance. 

"You might want to start running."

"Why?" I asked.

"Because here they come." she said taking off in a run. 



"I never realized how far you guys had to walk each day to get to the woods. I feel like we've been walking forever."

"That's probably because your walking so slow." Jenny said.

"This is where you saw her last?" 

"Yeah. We were setup for hunting and she said she was going to look around. After that she didn't come back." 

"Interesting. Did she go that way?" I pointed.

"Yeah thats it." Jenny comfirmed. 

"Well what are we waiting for?" I said leading the way. 

"No you dont." She said pulling me back. "You don't know the woods like I do. I'll lead. You'd just get us lost." 

Jenny led the way and I followed behind her.

"Keep close." she said.

Gosh these woods were long and easy to get lost in. I looked around for any clues. I saw a foot print and stopped a moment to inspect it. The footprints led on and kept going. I followed each one into some bushes. Weird giant sized cards jumped down from the trees and attacked me. I tried calling for Jenny but they kept my mouth closed. One threw me on its back and marched farther into the woods. Once he loosened his grip on my mouth I bit him and then yelled for help. "Help! Jenny! Anyone! Help me!" 



Vicky and I walked back to the banks, the last place we had seen Jake. "The best thing is to retrace our steps. So what is the last thing you remember?" I asked Vicky.

"Hmm...well we had just caught the guys trying to pull a prank on was getting dark......oh I remember! We decided to go in because Jordan made a big mess with the worms, which attracted scary looking birds and we all raced back to the house." 

"Thats right. Which means that this was the last place we are sure we saw Jake. Because I don't remember him eating dinner with us or sharing stories. Something must have happened to him here. Our best bet is to search in this area." I suggest. Suddenly I hear screaming. I look at Vicky.

"I hear it too." she said. 

We both looked in the direction of the sound.

"Do you think its Jake?" I asked.

"My guess is as good as yours." Vicky commented. "Wait a second. It's not Jake...It's Arthur!! He's being carried away! He needs our help!" 

Vicky and I rushed after him. "Hold on were coming!" I yelled. 

The one holding him took off while the remaining gaurds rushed toward us. 

"Vicky go get help!" I shouted.

"I won't leave you here!" 

"I'll be fine! Now go!"

As Vicky escaped I stood my ground. 

"You understand the queens orders. Get her!" 
(Gaurds Yelled)



I didn't know what was going on. I couldn't see a thing. My knees were pressed against the ground and two hands lyed on my shoulders. All of a sudden the sash that had covered my eyes was removed. I could see again! But I'm not sure I wanted to see this. People and animals to the left and to the right of me just stood silently and stared. Jordan was next to me. His blind fold still on. I seized my oppurtunity and elbowed him in the gut. 

"Ouch! What the hell was that?" 

"Jordan don't freak out, but there is a deadly poisonous tarantula crawling on you." I reassure him.

"Fuck fuck fuck! get it off me!" 

I would have continued to mess with him but something else caught my attention. The sound of a trumpet. "All kneel before the Queen of Hearts!" a voice proclaimed. 

"Bring forth the last of the trespassers!" she called. 

Victoria, Arthur, Czarina, Max! All four chained and lead by giant cards of hearts. Each were dropped down on their knees and one by one their blind folds came off. Seeing one another they all called out 

"Your here!"

"Were alive!" 

"You too huh?"

and then the question of  "What's wrong with Jordan?"

I replied by saying that he was crying because he was scared of the dark and that the blind fold was too much for him.  That seemed to lift the mood for a while. 

Then the gaurd lifted Jordan's blind fold last. He quickly looked at his arm and then all over him. "Wait, there was no tarantula was there?" 

"I don't know what your talking about." I said, facing away. 

"Silence you brats!" the queen roared! 

"Hey where are our friends!" yelled Victoria.

"Oh your friends." chuckled the red queen with a sinister tone. "You won't be seeing them anymore." 

"'What did you do to them you bitch!" Czarina raved. 

"Oh my child, your about to find out."

We all looked at each other in a heavyhearted way. As if with out words, we were saying our last goodbyes. 

"Guards! Bring forth the vile!" the queen demanded. 

The gaurd began to march forward.

"Guards do not bring forth the vile!" I shouted mimikingly. 

The gaurd stopped.

"Hurry you fool!" she yelled, just beginning to loose her temper.

"Take one more step and its off with your head!" I shreiked.

The gaurd looked around confused and remained where he was. By this time the queen has gone red. She cracked. She was mad, no scratch that, she was furious. She towered above me and yelled "OFF WITH HER HEAD!" 

"My queen, my queen we musn't cut off her head. You promised my dear." the smallish king said. 

"But-she-and" the queen stuttered. 

"She keeps her head, thats what you said." the king reminded. 

"Oh very well." the queen said, now cooled off. 

She made her way to a shack and opened it. "Bring me the girl! The rest will go next! And bring me that blasted vile or someone is going to loose their head!" 

The guard rushed forth and willingly handed over the vile. "Here you go your majesty."

She gave the vile to the guard beside her. "Do exactly as I said or you too will loose your head." the queen threatened.


I walked toward the shed. I had always wondered what the final moments of life would be like. Now I knew. I took one last look back at my friends in chains. They looked back at me. I faced forward and the doors shut behind me. That was the last time I ever saw them. 



Despite the many times Krystina had made me look like a complete idiot, I can't help but feel like this was all my fault. Krystina was marched off towards her doom and the rest of us were next. I looked amungst the faces of the only people that I could call friends. Their hopeless faces met mine. I turned towards them and mouthed the words 'I'm sorry'. Then turned towards Krystina and said the same. She looked back at us and then walked alone into the dark shack. At that moment something came over me. A horrible gut feeling. I realized just then that that would be the last time I would ever see her. Once the doors shut behind her the gaurds stood the rest of us up. They formed us into a line, forcing us to wait our turn to go in next. 

"The throne!" the queen ordered. Guards rushed bringing a bright red throne. She sat down and yelled "Let the execution begin!" 


End of Part 3 


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