The Chronicles


8. Eight Left Standing

Chapter 7 - Eight Left Standing 



"Beatcha! I beat you all! First place! Whoop Whoop!"

"Second!" Krystina called!

"Nuh uh! We tied!" Czarina argued.

"Then that means that I’m third!" Max cheered.

"Fourth back at the house!" Victoria announced. 

"That leaves Jordan and Arthur. Who wants to bet Jordan will come in last?" I asked.

"I got my money on Arthur coming in last.” Max said. 

"I’m betting Jordan will come in last" Victoria said. 

"Me too." pitched Krystina.

"Ya I got to agree with Victoria" Czarina concurred.

"Hahaha I win Max!" I said as Arthur raced through the door, Jordan following close behind him.

"Don’t worry you can pay me later." Czarina said patting Max's back. 

"Couldn't run any faster huh?" Max said to Jordan. 

"What are you talking about?" Jordan questioned.

"Nothing Jordan, it doesn't matter. So....we doing a barbeque outside or eating inside?" I asked.

"Well since YOU girls didn’t catch anything there’s nothing much to roast." Arthur said.

"Harsh much? You could have just said you wanted to eat inside." Victoria reprimanded. 

"And anyway you kind of ruined our fishing trip with your stupid so-called "prank"." I said.

"My prank? It was his idea!" Arthur said pointing at Jordan. 

"Blah blah blah. I’m hungry. Feed me!" Czarina commanded.

"Ya I’m hungry too." Krystina said. 

I went over to the kitchen to look to see what we had. 

"Hey Vicky! If you can’t find any food we can just eat Arthur." Krystina proposed.

"I’ve always wondered what he'd taste like." Max said.

"What the heck?" Arthur said in reply to Max.

"Don’t see anything over here." I said checking the drawers.

"How fast do you cook Arthur?" Czarina asked.

"Vicky search harder!!!!" Arthur pleaded.

"Wait, here we go! Uh....I found some leftover cooked fish, roasted mushroom, deer, and......fruit." I said, looking through the pantry.

"I got the plates!" Victoria said.

"I'll get the water." Arthur added.

"What’s water without cups?" Jordan said grabbing a stack of cups.

Soon we all sat down at the table and ate a satisfying meal. 

"First meal I ate here without Jenny trying to poison it." Jordan said. 

"Oh ya. Rachel and Jenny are probably on their way back by now. Leave them some food you guys." Max said. 

"Well I’m tired." Krystina said.

"Just wait. When you go to sleep were going to draw all over your face." Jordan snickered. 

"Do that and I will kill you." Krystina said. 

Hahahaha right after she said that Jordan's face went cold. I was pretty tired too. I cleaned up and set extra food aside for Jenny and Rachel. Everyone else gathered around the living room and took a spot on either the couch or the floor. Krystina was lying down on the couch trying to sleep. Once I finished cleaning up I joined them and Jordan said, "Krystina your turn to tell a story tonight." 

"No." she mumbled. 

"Everyone tells a story before we go to bed each night. Nows its your turn." Jordan explained. 

"If I tell you a story will you shut up?" She asked.

"Yes." Jordan replied. 

"Fine." Krystina said.

"Oh this is going to be good!" Czarina chuckled. 

"Once upon a time there was a boy named Jordan. He was very tired so he went to sleep. The end." Krystina said. 

"Thats it? Thats not a story! It has no happily ever after." said Jordan.

"It is a story." Krystina explained. It has a once upon a timethe end, and a happily ever after for the rest of us because you shut up and go to sleep." Everyone laughed. Then I wanted to tell a story next, and Czarina did, and then Max did, and soon everyone was telling a funny story. We stayed up and told stories for about another hour before we all headed upstairs and finally went to bed. 


I checked my traps as I waited for Rachel to return. It was really dark now and I hadn’t caught anything all day. I sat down and picked up Rachel's bow and arrows that she left here, and shot a few at a tree. Then I got up and retrieved the arrows. I sat back down and kept shooting. I did this about ten more times. I looked around the woods for her. Maybe she got lost and headed back towards the house. I gathered my gear and made way for the camp. When I walked in there was food on the table waiting for me. Rachel must have eaten with them and then gone to bed. I sat down and ate for a bit. Then took my leftovers and hunting weapons and headed toward the collection room. I put away my knife, the bow and arrows, and used the food to reset the traps. Then I got ready for bed and went to sleep. 

***************************************************The Next Morning************************************************

Rachel didn't wake me up. Crap I must have gotten up late; she’s probably waiting for me. I rushed downstairs grabbed my weapons and food and rushed out the door. "Sorry I-" I began to say. "Rachel?" I looked around. She wasn’t out here. Maybe I got up earlier than her. I went back inside and climbed up the stairs to her bed. She wasn't in her bed. "Rachel?" I said again. I rushed back downstairs to see if she had slept on the couch. "Rachel?" I yelled. I kept calling her name, checking in each room and outside. I couldn't find her. I didn’t know where she was, but maybe Victoria did. I tip-toed over to her bed and softly shook her to wake up. 

"Ugh what..." she said yawning. 

"Sorry to wake you up this early, but do you know where Rachel is?" 

"Um..." she looked around. She got up and then went over to Rachel's bed. "She’s not here. Sorry Jen I don’t know where she is." 

"That doesn't help."

"Well do you remember where she went when you guys came home last night?" 

"You mean she wasn’t here with you guys?" Jenny said worried. 

"What are you two talking about?" Vicky said, climbing out of her bed. 

"Rachel's missing." Victoria said. 

"Missing.........missing....." Arthur mummered in his sleep. "missing!! Jake!" he said as he got out of bed. "Jake wasn't here last night either!" 

Arthur pushed Max out of bed. "Max where’s Jake?"

"He’s probably having a nice dream without being pushed out of his nice warm bed." Max moaned.

Czarina woke up saying, "Can you all keep it down. One of the perks being stranded here is not having an alarm clock." 

"Rachel and Jake are missing Czarina!" said Vicky.

"Jordan wake up! How can you be sleeping at a time like this?" I said slapping his face with my shoe.

"At a time like what? Four in the morning?" he said. 

"It’s like seven AM stupid." Czarina stated.

"Well Krystina is sleeping." He complained. 

Jordan walked over to her and shook her to wake her up. Krystina tackled him to the floor and started punching and slapping him all over. 

"Guys guys guys break it up!" I say. "As much as I find Jordan getting beaten up by a girl hilarious, two of our friends are missing. Do you remember seeing them by the river? or guys, when you where here making the campfire did you see them?"

"Well....." said Max "we didn't exactly stay here. We went down to the river to get back at the girls for pranking us." 

"You what?! Our two friends our missing and if you had stayed where you should have been, you could have seen what happened to them." 

"Maybe they want some alone time." Jordan said. 

"Shut up. I think they’re in trouble." I say. 

"Do you think they were eaten?" Max askes.

"No" I reply, "But they may need our help. I have an idea. Let’s split up into groups. Czarina with Max, Vicky with Victoria, Krystina with Jordan, and Me with Arthur. If you get lost or if you find them we'll all meet up here in one hour. Get it? Got it? Good. Any questions?"

"I have one." Jordan says.  

"Ya. I don’t care." I say. “Okay guys let’s go!" 

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