The Chronicles


5. Chapter 4A - Something's Different / 4B - Back at the House

Part 2

Chapter 4A - Something’s Different



Jenny and I usually woke up as the sun rose to get a good start on our hunting. I got dressed, packed some snacks, and then started upstairs to wake Jenny.



Normally, I'd sleep a little extra then I did today when Rachel woke me, but I really wanted to catch something BIG that would stun Rachel this time and let us forget the whole thing of her catching that rabbit so quickly. Plus, this time I'd have something to show off tonight for dinner. So I rushed to get ready and grabbed my bow and arrows. I raced down the stairs and grabbed the snack Rachel handed to me and raced out the door calling back, "What are you waiting for! Let’s go!"



Jenny raced out the door much quicker than normal, I guess she was in a hurry to go and catch something today. I followed her outside and while she ran ahead calling back to me to catch up, all I could notice was how quiet it was. Something didn’t feel right. Usually birds would be chirping, the wolves would be howling, and bunnies would fill the morning grass. Maybe were just setting out earlier than normal. Ya, that’s it. I stopped thinking about it and ran to catch up with Jenny. "Wait up!"

We finally reached our hunting ground. Jenny took her position in the trees and I climbed a branch and positioned myself, ready for aim. We sat and waited for what seemed like hours. We must have gotten up REALLLLLLY early, because nothing - and I mean nothing was out at all.



Come ON! I'm ready!! Where are all the fucking animals today! "See anything up there Rach?"

 "No, nothing around for miles. Any luck down there for you?"

 "No." I said, lowering my bow.

"I'm coming down. I wanna look around." Rachel said as she slid off the branch.

 "Ok, I'll stay here just in case the damn animals finally come out so I can shoot them."


I got down to look around a bit. I was heading toward the south part of the woods to see if the animals had migrated down there. That’s when I saw it.

********************************Back at the house***********************************

Chapter 4B- Back at the House

(Going on while Jenny and Rachel hunt)


I woke up to be the first to eat whatever we had in the house, before the rest of them woke up and robbed the kitchen clean. Thirty minutes had passed and I must have eaten every last strawberry left. I walked outside to see just about how early it was. The sun was shining and the weather felt nice and warm. Perfect for catching the bet fish! Czarina, Krystina, Victoria and I all went fishing together. I didn't want to miss seeing all of the cool animals down at the river so hurried to wake the others.

 I started to climb the stairs, paused, walked back to the kitchen, grabbed a sweet-butter ball, and climbed back up the stairs. These sweet-butter balls were one of Krystina's absolute favorite! One day when we had been down at the river we dared her to eat something weird and see what happened. So she ate these purplish pink and yellow balls that grew on these flowers by the river bank. She said it tasted like something she'd never had before. Like a sweet fruity candy, then changing to a buttery sensation! And it didn’t seem to have any effect on her. She was obsessed! So she named them Krystina's sweet-butter balls and wouldn't let anyone else have it. And long story short, that's what I use to wake her up.

 I walked over trying to stay silent so the guys could sleep in because I felt just that nice, that and I didn't want them to know I ate their precious candy cones (pinecone shaped candy which grew on gingersnap trees that could only be reached if you were like 20 feet tall), that they count every day to make sure all of them are still there. Okay, another quick story about food :p the guys found them one day when we all were exploring. They stacked themselves all on top of each other just enough to reach them. The rest of us sat on the side and threw stuff at them to make them fall because they looked incredibly! ridiculous. After dropping the 15 they could reach, Jenny threw a grapefruit at Jordan's face and then a walnut at, well, his you know what and being the base of their cheerleader pyramid, they all fell down. We laughed forever!!! Collecting their “precious” little cones, the guys swore they'd hide the candy cones and never let us have any for making them look so silly. Haha but they suck at hiding them so I ate a few and in the end it was totally worth it.

 I creeped over to Victoria's bed and whispered to her to wake up. She did and then as she got ready. I crawled over to Czarina's bed and whispered for her to wake up. Nothing. I shook her and told her to wake up even louder. Still nothing. I put my hand on her face and opened her eyelid and suddenly!!! nothing. I heard her mumble something "Thao woun mai be zau." Okay I don't know what the heck that meant; she must have been sleep talking. Then as I reached over to pull her out of bed she slapped me.

 "Ouch!!!" I tried to say quietly. “What was that for?!"

 She opened her eyes, turned towards me and bursts out. "I thought you were Krystina!" she said, "that's why I said thao woun mai be zua."

"What does that mean?"

 "It means I am going to slap you."

"We'll that would have been helpful to know! What language is that anyway?" I asked.

"Oh it's not really a language, we made it up!" She said cheerfully.

 "Right....." I said in the most confused voice. If waking her up was that hard I can only imagine how hard it's going to be to wake up Krystina. I grabbed a pillow for protection. I poked her then ducked. I stood back up and told her to wake up. I tried hundreds of things like rolling her over, sticking stuff in her ear, tickling her feet, whacking her with the pillow, sitting on her, plugging her nose, and finally I pushed her out of the bed, yet she wouldn't wake up. Actually she looked motionless and I kicked her body to see if she'd move. "Oh dear Pikachu, I killed her!"

"Hahahahahhaha you’re going to need food if you want her to wake up." Czarina laughed.

 Food! Right! I took out the secret weapon. "Krystina weeena! Guess what I have! ” I said in a gentle baby voice. "It's your favorite wittle butter bawwl." she opened her eye then shut it and turned over. "Oh look! You better wakey wakey before I eat the wittle butter bawwl." I stood up and slowly walking away teased, "Oh look here I go..." slowly moved the butterball to my mouth and then she pounced and tackled me to the floor. "What's with you two and sneak attacks!" I said winded. She snatched the butterball and ate it as she crawled back to her bed. Now hopeless, I looked to Czarina for help.



Vicky was obviously new at this. "Gee Vick, I'm feeling famished! Say, we're there more of those butterballs downstairs? I think I'll eat them! Oh but don't tell Krystina, we wouldn't want to.....wake her up." I said slowly walking towards the stairs, banging my feet on the floor as if I were walking down the steps.

 "Oh no you don’t! Thao woun mai be zua!!!" Krystina said enviously running down the stairs.

“Woun lai!” I called back (means: I’m going to slap you back.)

 "That's one way to wake someone up!" Victoria added walking over to us.

"I'm good. She's just lucky I didn't go beast mode on her." I said -beastly. "We'll what are we waiting for let's go!" Vicky said as we ran down the stairs, grabbed food from the kitchen, fishing stuff from the collection room, and hit the trail. While I shut the door behind us, I yelled, "FIRE!!!!!" waited, heard the boys shriek like little girls, closed the door, and walked away whistling like I was totally innocent.



"FIRE!!!!!!" I heard someone yell! The guys heard it too because they started screaming all high pitched and running around frantic. We rushed outside in our underwear screaming at each other to "Go!!!Go!!!Go!!!" I heard them repeat over and over how they thought they were gonna die. Max and Jake were hugging each other like this was a soap opera, and I could have sworn one of them was even crying. We stood scared outside searching for the fire. Wait a minute. There is no fire.

 "I don't see fire do you?" Jake asked. We all turned to him, still..holding onto Max.

 Jake looked at us then back at Max. "Get off of me dude."

 "Okay" Max replied, “play it cool."

 Jordan and I looked at them with wide eyes. "Okay....." I said now creeped out. "I think we've been tricked."

"By Jenny I bet." Jordan said squinting his eyes in his “I think I know what I’m talking about voice.”



While Arthur and Jordan talked to each other I turned to Max and said "Do you think they forgot?"

"Oh yeah." Max replied.

 "I'm sorry I pushed you off. I love you. Hug?" I said in such a joking tone.

 "I love you too buddy." He said reaching out for a hug. Jordan turned around to us.

 "It's not what it looks like!" I said still hugging. Me and Max were best friends so we did this sort of weird bromance thing sometimes. No big deal.



After Jake and I had our bromance moment I walked over to Arthur and Jordan.

 "We've been pranked by the girls again." Arthur said.

 "By Jenny I bet." Jordan added in.

 "Couldn't have been Jenny, Sherlock. She and Rachel get up early every morning to hunt. If someone were to prank us it must have been the girls who just left for the river."

 "She leaves to go hunting? Ohh all this time I thought Jenny got eaten by a bird or captured and then they decided they didn't want her and tossed her back here at night." He commented.

"You thought what?" I said defending my girl.



Damn. I know better than to mess with "his girl" again. I'd keep joking but I have a feeling he'd kick my ass, who knows what Jenny taught him. "I'm joking I'm joking!" I say. "So...are we going to do something or are we going to keep standing out here in our underwear like idiots?" I ask.

 "I kinda like it." Jake said. The three of us looked at him with questionable faces. "Kidding! I'm kidding!" He said, "so what are we waiting for? Let’s go take our revenge!"

"Against the girls? Are you sure that's a good idea?" Max asked.

 "Ya no problem. It's not like anything bad is going to happen." I reassured.

 "Yeah, that's what you said about the teleporter." Arthur said.

 "And the files." Jake added.

"What.....psh no. *cough* *cough* anyway....the girls pranked us right? So all we gotta do is prank them back."

 "Ok..I'm listening." Jake nodded.

We boys began to huddle up to discuss our revenge against the girls...while still in our underwear.

"Uh guys" Max said backing out of the huddle.


 "Shouldn't we change into some clothes...Thenn talk about a plan?" he suggested.



 "Good point!"

 "Totally forgot" we added walking back into the NON-flaming house.

"Hey Max, imagine if Jenny saw you now." I said laughing.

Max stopped. Faced toward me. "Right, sorry, shutting up." I say.

Then he slowly pushed me back a little and then locked the door. Shit. Now I looked like the idiot.

 "Hey Jordan!" Max said through the door, "imagine if Jenny saw you now."

"Haha very funny." I say knocking on the door. "Dude, not cool. Open the door man! Hurry! Open it before she gets back!!!" 

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