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Fun and sexy memories and stories.
-you can give me things to right about also.
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9. Snow Adventures

I was completely lost. Going around in circles was the only thing I think I was doing. This is what happens when get lost in the woods, when it's snowing, and looking for the main house. Then I saw smoke in the distance, and then I saw a cabin with the lights still on. Thank the lords. Walking down a slight decline and I fell, sliding down to the bottom bringing me closer to the cabin, but much colder than I wanted to be. The cabin was covered in snow, and was hard to find the front door at first but then I found it on the other side. Finally reaching the door I hesitated to knock, but the cold got the better of me and I knocked. Waiting patiently for someone to answer the door, they answered.

"What?" A half naked man answered the door in just a towel. He was handsome with dark brown hair and beard plus olive skin. Made me want to do some many things to him. But staying focused.

"Hi, I'm l-lost and I can't f-find the main h-house." My teeth were chattering uncontrollably, it was freezing outside.

"So what do you want me to do?" He leaned against the door looking me up and down. I realized I wasn't really wearing much because I thought that I would find the main house quicker than this.

"Well can I just come in a bit and figure out where the house is, and just get warm?" I was now shivering.

"Yeah sure." He moved away from the door, and let me inside. There was a fireplace in the corner of the room and off the other corner there was a hallway leading I'm guessing to some bedrooms, and then I was the kitchen to my left.

"Thank you." I could feel my nipples getting hard from the change of temperature.

"I'm going to get dressed and there is a map on the coffee table. He was pointing to the table in the middle of the room, and he walked towards the hallway and out of sight. This was such a cute little place, it was even better than the cabin me and my friends were sharing together. It seemed like he was the only one staying here. The guy walked back into the room and stared at me. 

"Well did you look at the map yet?" He crossed his arms in front of him.

"Not yet." Moving to sit on the couch, and looking at the piece of paper on the coffee table. The guy came to sit next to me on the couch.

"So how did you get lost any ways?" Taking the piece of paper and moving it in front of himself.

"I lost track of the path with all the snow outside. Pointing to the window, and you could see the snow on the edge of the window.

"Well you can have this piece of paper, and stay a little bit longer. By the name is Jake just so we don't have to be strangers."  He stood up and walked to kitchen.

"My name is Emily." Watching him in sweats and a white tank top in the kitchen.

"Well would you like some hot chocolate while you wait?" He looked at me from the kitchen. He was so sexy right now.

"Yes, thank you." Smiling up at him. I can't get over how incredibly sexy he was.

"So are you staying here alone?" Smoothing out my pants and shirt.

"Yeah. I always like to just take a weekend out of the month to relax by myself." Smiling at me and handing me my hot chocolate. My hand brushed him and I got goosebumps.

 "Are you still cold?" He didn't look concerned but he moved closer to me and put his arm around me.

"Well kind of." Snuggling up to him. "Do you mind?" He was sinking into the couch, with his arm around me. Snuggling closer to him, I accidently let out a small moan. I shot straight up away from him, embarrassed.

"What was that?" He looked at me amused. I couldn't help it, he just felt so good against me.

"Sorry." He put his hand on my shoulder and rubbed it gently.

"Don't be embarrassed." His face was close to mine, he nuzzled my neck. Jake just felt so good. His arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer to him, while he nuzzled my neck and kissed it. I laced my fingers with him and leaned into him.

"oh yes." I whispered.

"You like that?" One of his hands slowly slide down my stomach, and between my legs. He was making me get all hot and bothered. Turning my head to him I let our lips meet, and our lips connected and twisted together. We sunk into the couch together. He moved his hand inside my pants and onto my clit between my legs. I jumped from the pressure and pleasure of it all. He had one of my legs draped over his lap while he slowly rubbed on my clit making me even more deliciously wet than before. I could here him growling softly in my ear. It made my core burn with heated desire. Slowly he pushed his huge fingers into my tight pussy making me gasp against his neck. Hearing me gasp he growled gripping my waist with his free hand he squeezed me against him and pumped his fingers harder and faster into me. I could feel myself tightening around his fingers now about to have a release of my biggest fantasy. Having a mountain man finger fuck. I would rather have him fuck me but this is so good as well. Then the burning inside me exploded all around me. Grabbed at his arm and shoulder, I wanted him more. But then he took his fingers out of me and stuck them in his mouth. It made me was to put him in my mouth as well.

"That was so fun. Want something to eat?" He winked and got off them couch and walked towards the kitchen. I caught a glimpse of his huge member sticking out of his boxers and very hard pushing the tip out of his boxers. Standing up with him I walked to the kitchen with my wet panties. Being brave, I took off my pants and continued walking towards the kitchen following the fuck-able man.

"Well, I am hungry." I walked up behind and put my hand on the tip of his dick. He flinched, jerking away from making a sandwich. I stood up and leaned towards his ear and whispered.

"But I'm not hungry for a sandwich." I purred and gently turned him around facing me.

"Well what are you hungry for?" He put his finger under my chin and lifted it to face him. He had a dark desire in his eye's.

"Well what I want is already wrapped and ready." I winked and pushed his boxers away from him and rubbed my hand on his dick, just looking into his eyes getting droopy with pleasure. I want him, he was now leaning back against the counter and leaning his head back closing his eyes.

"Yes." Hearing him say that I bent down and opened my mouth and smoothly slide my mouth over his dick squeezing him. Going hard at first, he put hand in my hair moving it out of his way to see my face smoothing on him.

"Yes Emily." Encouraging me. He moved my head down on him faster. Letting him take control and let him pump himself into my mouth quickly. I could hear him growling loudly, and squeezing my hair and pulling it gently. Feeling his muscles pulse and I then felt the salty liquid flow into my greedy mouth. Wanting more of him. Standing up I took a hold of his shoulders.

"Fuck me now." I told him. He grabbed me just as greedy as I wanted him and pushed me up against the counter. "With so much pleasure babe." Ripping my panties apart, he pushed my legs apart and shoved his huge tasty dick into my tight hole.

"Oh my god!" Just feeling him inside me almost made me cum.

"Deeper." Not waiting for him to do it himself I wrapped my legs around his waist squeezing him and pulling him deeper into me. I moaned loudly. He was moving quickly in and out of me. I looked down at him going inside of me I stared in fascination. Watching myself get more dripping wet the more he fucked me. I could feel myself tightening around him and it was making me juicy and hungry for release. Grabbing my hips he pushed hard and deep into me. It was the last pump, I couldn't take anymore. I came against him, and he came inside me. It was so delicious. Leaning against his shoulders, he was rubbing my legs gently giving me more tingles. I couldn't handle the pleasure he fucked into me. We were both breathing hard. I took my hand and rubbing my fingers through his hair. He purred into my hair.

"Do you want to forget about food and go to the bedroom?" He rumbled into my hair.

"Of course, only if you stay hungry for something I have ready for you." Winking at him, I pushed off the counter and slowly walking towards the hall. Leaving me tattered panties on the edge of the kitchens floor, and my shirt in the living room, and finally my naked body laying in the bed ready for him to come in. I was him and he crawled on top of me kissing me forcefully against the mouth, but greeted his mouth with mine hungrily.

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