Fun memories

Fun and sexy memories and stories.
-you can give me things to right about also.
let me know which one is your favorite.


10. Sexy kinapper

I was tied to a chair in a small bed room in the back of the house. This man took me hostage, and I have no idea why. Atleast my dad cares about me, and he has enough money to save me and pay whatever ransom he asks for. But just in case no one was going to save me I found a nail in the chair have out and was rubbing my ropes on it to cut the ropes off me. I wasn't going to stay here and be a damsel in distress if I didn't have to be. He even only have me in my night clothes, because he didn't want to wait and take me away during the day what an ass. Then I heard a snap and I had more room to move my hands from behind my back. Lifting them up I looked at them and rubbed my wrists to get some of the feeling back in them. Listening hard for my captor I could hear him talking to someone on the phone, and in a different language. Was he Arabic? That was kind of hot if he didn't kidnap me. Leaning down to get the ropes on my feet off I kept listening for him in the other room. Just to make sure that he wasn't going to be coming in anytime soon. I got the ropes off and was tiptoeing towards the door. Since I didn't have any shoes, my feet were getting cold against the hardwood floor. It was actually getting pretty cold in my room. Getting next to the door I could feel the heat coming into my room from under the door. At least there wasn't a huge light on in this room because he would have been able to see me under the door. Opening the door a little I peeked into the other room. He was on the couch in front of the fire drinking some type of alcohol, because I could see the bottle on the coffee table but couldn't make out what it was exactly. He was done with talking on the phone. The only light was coming from the fire, and he was moving but I couldn't see what he was doing.

"Yes pretty princess, that's it right there." He moaned. After he spoke his head fell backward against the couch, and I saw he had his hand on his private and was jerking himself off. It was turning me on some. Opening the door a little more I stood there and was watching him. His hand was moving faster, and he was moaning even louder.

"Yes, Yes, tighter babe." Wow, he was huge, and he was naked on the couch, how did I not notice that before? He was actually good looking. Something wet was sliding down my leg, stepping back from the door I looked down and saw it was coming from me. I was getting wet from watching him masturbate. Dang, he could do that? Hearing a creak from the floor I looked up from my legs and looked at the door. He was looking at me from behind the door, my blood froze in my veins.

"What are you doing out of the chair?!" He had a shirt and shorts on but he still had a hard on. That in some way eased my blood flow.

"The ropes broke, and I was getting cold." Trying to sound some what not spooked, but I couldn't pull it off.

"Well then since your out of the ropes and cold you can help me." My heart skipped a beat, I was both terrified and excited for a strange reason.

"What do you need help with?" My voice squeaked at the end and my eyes dropped to his hard on inside his shorts, and my nipples got hard.

"Well follow me and you can see." He sounded embarrassed, in his culture were they supposed to feel ashamed of doing that? because I found it so hot, especially with how hot looked. He defiantly did not have to kidnap me, I would have gone freely. Walking behind me he lead me past the living room where he just was thinking about someone doing things to him, and then to the kitchen and he stopped in front of the stove.

"I need your help making a meal." He looked so serious but I couldn't help but laugh a little. That was defiantly not the way to go because he looked seriously pissed off. In about a second he was in my face.

"What you think it is funny? That I can't make a meal?" He had me backed against the counter and he had to lean down to talk to me. I could feel him against me, and I moaned thinking about him earlier. He had a look of surprise, and backed away. Now I was the one embarrassed. He was suppose to be an asshole not some guy who I wanted to fuck.

"Well can you help me?" Just putting his back to me, which was a good looking back. What was wrong with me? He was tan and black hair, and he even had a good groomed beard, and he even had muscles pushing against his shirt. Walking to the fridge he opened it up and moved out of the way letting me look in it. Shaking myself out of my weirdness I walked over next to him, and looked inside. He had a couple of things and the only thing I could think of making was grilled cheese.

"Well what do you think of grilled cheese?" I was getting cold from the open fridge. Grabbing the cheese I went over and grabbed the bread off the counter where I saw it earlier. He didn't say anything, looking back at him I saw he was just looking at me with a hard expression, and had the fridge open still.

"Well you can close that." I motioned towards the fridge, and was unwrapping the cheese, and was putting it on bread.

"What is grilled cheese?" He came and stood next to me and was looking at what I was doing.

" Well grilled cheese is cheese between two pieces of bread, and it's baked." Looking over at him he still had a thinking face on.

"Here you can put this on the stove sir." He took it and put it on the stove and came back over to me, this time he was against my side, our hips were touching.

"What else can I do?" He spoke softly. Looking over at the stove I noticed that he didn't turn the stove on. I giggled.

"Well you have to turn the stove on for us to make them." Turning into him I could feel his chest under his shirt, and my hand went to his chest and was moving down his chest. I was mesmerized. He was so good looking for someone to have kidnapped me.

"What are you doing?" He had the concentration look on again but I saw hunger as well, and not hunger for food either.

"Oh umm nothing. Well lets go over to the stove and I can show you how to turn it on." Giving him a soft smile, and moving to the stove, this time he was even closer looking over my shoulder with his hand on my waist.

"Well you have to turn this to the right temperature, and then put the pan on it." Sounding a little breathless.

"Thank you." He was so polite. How and why did he take me?

"Can I ask you something?" Walking back over to the bread and cheese.

"Yes." He slowly was walking over to me, acting like I might take off at any moment. Which I'm not sure why I haven't yet. He was again beside me with his hand on my hip again. It felt good having him this close, I leaned against him.

"Why did you take me?" Laying my head on his shoulder. But I could feel him pulling away from me.

" I was told to take you that is all, and you are not in harm." He told me not pulling away anymore. His hand took my hair and pushed it behind my ear. It was such a soft gesture. Turning to him I looked up at him. He looked like he was in pain, and he wasn't looking at me.

"Are you okay?" putting the stuff down I took his cheek in my hand and made him look at me.

"Do not, I can not look at someone so beautiful after I have done some thing so terrible." He took my hand in his and stayed looking away from me. I can't take this he wasn't a bad person, he hasn't even done anything bad to me yet. Pulling away from him I go over to the stove and shut it off. Walking back to him I saw he was looking at me now.

"I need you help with something now." Giving him a grin. Taking his hand I walk us to the living room I sat him down on the couch.

"What is the meaning of this? I thought we are making grilled cheese?" He looked into the kitchen.

"We can later but I need help first." Putting either leg on each side of him, his head snapped to look up at me. He took hold of my hips. I could see understanding in his eyes. His hunger was back but I could see him fighting back.

"No we can not do this." He tried pushing me off but I leaned into him and moved closer to him on his lap.

"We can because I want to." Lifting my night gown up, it was real silk and felt great against my skin like his hands felt also. He didn't resist anymore he let his hands slide around my waist and go down to my butt. Moving his fingers to move my dress up and over my butt so he could cup it bare. I gasped with how warm his hands were against my bare hands. He was lightly moving his fingers over my bare skin, it was giving me goosebumps. My hand were moving in his hair playing with it. My other hand was moving toward my dress strap and moved it down under my bare breast. Looking him in the eyes I leaned up to him and put my breast against his lips. Slowly he put his mouth over my hard nipple, I could feel his beard rubbing against my breast. Putting both hands in his hair and looking down at him suck on my nipple felt so good, and he was still rubbing my ass softly and moving slowly down between my legs. I moaning so much with how gentle he was treating me. His member was growing between my legs but was restricted by his shorts. Feeling him like that was turning me on even more and making me so wet. He took my other dress strap and pushed it down under both my breasts and my gown fell down covering my bottom half. Taking my other nipple in his mouth and flicking it with his tongue make me want to scream.

"Yes." I whispered into his ear. He grabbed me by my ass hard and pulled me against him. He was getting a little rough.

"Mmmmmmm" I was breathing hard now. Pushing off the couch he stood up, wrapping my legs around him after letting my gown fall to the floor. He had one hand around my waist and the other cupped between my legs from behind. I gave him a kiss on his head and pulled his hair. He began walking to the bedroom I was in earlier. His hand between my legs was moving between my folds and against my clit. He began rubbing it hard.

"Oh my, yes. Harder." I whispered for him. He slide a finger inside me I jumped up against him pulling my nipple out of his mouth.

"Are you okay?" He whispered against my chest.

"Of course. "Letting me slide down him my face was in front of his now.

"I want you." Taking his head in my hands and leaning into him and making our lips meet. When our lips met he let out a growl, and kissed me viscously. We finally made it to the bed. Laying me down on the bed he took his finger out of my slowly and broke our kiss.

"What are you doing?" Grabbing his shoulders to get back on top of me. He was not about to leave me high and dry like this. I was already so wet he was going to finish me.

" I am just getting my clothes off." He smiled. He was finally relaxing. Slowly he took of his shirt showing me his chiseled chest and then he took off his shorts letting his dick pop out. Biting my lip looking over at him, he crawled on top of me and rubbed his fingers around inside and on my pussy. I layed there with my hands gripping his shoulders. slowly he moved against me and rubbed himself against my clit. Making me cry for more. Then he put his dick at my entrance and shoved it in making me scream.

"OH!" arching my back against him.

"Shhhh my beautiful." Slowly rocking into me, he leaned back down and began laying soft kisses on me. How is it that it took me being captured to find a man like this? I could feel him going faster, and I welcomed it with widening my legs to let him go in more. He began smacking against me. I loved when they go this fast. Sitting up he took a hold of my hips and slammed into and pulled out slowly. He was about to make me cum. But he just kept slamming in and pulling out slowly. It was building up inside me and I could feel myself tightening around him. I wanted to keep him inside me. Then with one last thrust inside me I began to cum, and I was squirting against him. It felt amazing but he kept going and went faster, the pleasure just kept coming and it was making me shack with it.

"YES, YES! KEEP GOING! DON'T STOP!" I screamed grabbing the sheets and arching my back.

"Cum my princess." Then I came again like he told me too. This time he came with me. Falling on top of me, and breathing hard. I began softy rubbing his back. Still inside me and laying on top of me I let him lay there.

"Stay here." I whispered to him.

"For you Princess." Grabbing the blanket at the bottom of the bed he stayed on top of me and in me. Cuddling against my chest he put his head on my breasts and closed his eyes. I kissed the top of his head and closed my eyes as well.

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