Fun memories

Fun and sexy memories and stories.
-you can give me things to right about also.
let me know which one is your favorite.


8. hades

I could feel him near by. We got into an agreement earlier and I sent him away. But he's back, I new he would be. He is never angry for long. I stayed in front of the vanity that he gave me brushing my long blonde hair over my naked breasts. His dark silhouette was behind me, I could see it in the mirror. He always just liked looking at me naked. Watching him in the mirror he walked into the room, while taking off his shirt and sitting on the edge of the bed behind me.

"I'm sorry I got so angry with you." He whispered. I could feel his hurt. That's what happens when you marry a stronger god I guess. But I loved him so much. Putting my brush down, I stood up from the vanity and looked at him.

"I know you are, it's just in your nature sweetie." walking and standing in front of him completely naked. I knew he always liked me like this. Especially when he wants to make up how rude he is sometimes.

"Well you know what you can do to make it up to me?" He leaned his head against my stomach and laced his fingers through my fingers.

"What do you want me to do? Anything you want babe." He looked up at me. Looking sad but I could still see the fire in his eyes.

"Well first....I want you to..... make me scream you name." I leaned to his ear and whispered the last part to him. He tightened his hold on my hands. Taking his head back off my stomach he looked up at me, I was standing straight now still holding his hands.

"I did say anything." Slowly he moved his hands from mine and moved them to my hips.

"Babe I will definitely do that for you." He stood up and he towered over me. With his gorgeous black hair and beard, his broad chest and of course my favorite his strong arms.

"I need you sweetie." I told him while he took control of my hips and turned us around with my back now facing the bed.

"Are you ready?" He leaned down to me and whispered. He was looking at me and rubbing my back up and down. Not telling him but just taking a step closer to him and grabbing the hem of his pants and undoing his belt for him. Moving backwards to the bed and pulling him on top of me. With him leaning over me I took my hands from his waist and moved them to his face and moving my hand to run my fingers through his hair. Moving my face up I pressed my lips to his. Then I could feel the fire come alive in him. The burning began in him and moved to my body. With The burning growing hotter he pulled me against him. Now with his pants off I could feel him pressing against my hot spot. I let out a soft moan. Moving my hips against him I could feel myself burning more. I moved against him harder this time. Moaning more loudly than before. I heard a distant growl, and it came from him. It made me want him even more. Breaking from or heat session.

"I need you inside me." At my words he grabbed my hips and sat up. Moving my legs to either side of him, and he concentrated on my wet spot. He moved himself to my entrance and before he entered he looked up at me. I could fire in eye's, I smiled up at him and he gave a sexy growl. He pushed inside me hard. I gasped with pain and then pleasure when he started moving his hips back and forth against me.

"Faster." He liked me telling him what I wanted. My hands went to his back and grabbed at his back. I wanted more of him. Being greedy with him has always been a problem of mine, but not when we were having sex. He was moving faster inside me and having a hold on my hips to stop me from moving. He moved his thumb to my swollen clit and started rubbing against it quickly. Our fire was now burning brighter. I through back my head and moaned loud. The more he moved in and out of me the more the fire burned. I feel like it will explode soon. Grabbing at his back I could feel my nails digging into him.

"More, I need you deeper inside me." Wrapping my legs tightly around him. With my actions he moved faster and was going so hard inside me that I could hear him smacking against me. He wasn't doing it good enough. Growling I grabbed him and pushing him over with me on top. I started bouncing on him with all my weight. He was still rubbing my clit hard. Clawing at his chest I need him more inside. Grabbing his shoulders and pushed us off the bed. He was standing with me wrapped around him. His hands were under my knees. I started kissing him forcefully. Moving to a wall, he grabbed one of my legs and lifted it to go deeper. I could feel him, he was so deep. Growling with approval my fire was getting even more brighter. Looking around while he moved his lips to my neck. I saw there was an actually fire in our room. I loved it when that happened. Clawing at his shoulders I pulled him against me hard. His hands were clawing at my hips so he could get deeper. The fire was about to explode I could feel it building stronger. "Yes, Yes, Yes, YES! Hades, Hades, HADES!" Grabbing him and holding onto him tight. He roared with pleasure. I went limp in his arms with so much pleasure inside me. Moving to the bed I could feel him inside me. I was pulling him tight inside me. Laying down softly with him on top of me we curled together on the bed with the fire around us dying slowly but still burning bright.

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