Fun memories

Fun and sexy memories and stories.
-you can give me things to right about also.
let me know which one is your favorite.


4. Grown ups

Andrew came over today and this is how it went. He knocked on my door and I let him in. Moving to the couch we sat down a little way's away from each other because it's still some what awkward because were just fuck buddies. But I made the suggestion on a movie, and I chose grown ups. I got up and put it in and sat closer to him this time and he put his arm around my shoulders. Part way through the trailers he put his hand on my inner thigh and rubbed making light little circles. It felt really good, then he put his hand between my legs and rubbed. Moving his hand in my shorts he rubbed my clit. Quickly he pulled me into his lap and started kissing me, and I kissed him back putting my hands in his hair. He moved his hands towards the edge of my shirt and pulled it off. His head went down toward my chest and started kissing it. Picking me up he stood off the couch. He was hard against my butt. Putting me on my feet he unfastened my shorts and dropped them and then pulled my thongs off. Pulling his own shorts off, I put his shaft in my hand and rubbed it. He took me and put me back on his lap straddling him. He then started to do me. I went up and down on his shaft while he slammed me against his hardness. We went at it for a little bit, then we switched positions. Him on top of me pushing in and out of my small tight area.

"Andrew." Was all I said and he pushed harder at the sound of his own name. Taking my legs and pushing them up, and pushing in me harder. He then moved me on my side and pushed in me harder making me moan. I then moved down in front of him letting his enter me and go harder pushing inside my little tight area. I didn't know I could do anything like this. I was proud of myself. Still pounding me hard he pulled out fast and unloaded on my back. We then sat on each end of the couch relaxing and catching our own breathe.


*True story* ;)

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