Fun memories

Fun and sexy memories and stories.
-you can give me things to right about also.
let me know which one is your favorite.


12. Babysitting for fun

I wanted him. Making tiny hard circles between my open legs I imagined him down there licking me sweetly.

"Mmmmmmm...... Yes." Doing it faster I could feel myself building. Then I heard him open the front door.

"Hey Steph I'm home." He began walking down the corridor towards me after closing the front door. I had to act quick pulling my dress down and buttoning it back up, but he came back into the room before I could pull my panties back up. Slipping both feet out of them I kicked them under the coffee table.

"Hey, Mr. Louis." Smiling and giving him a small wave.

"How were the kids tonight?" He asked me while moving towards him room to put down his briefcase.

"They were wonderful as always. I don't know why you would think other wise." Walking slowly towards his room and stopping at the door frame to lean against.

"Well I know how they can get." Giving me that half grin I love, I was still wet and he wasn't making it any better. Since I was younger than him he didn't think of me like that sadly. But it didn't stop me from thinking like that.

"Well they are sleeping I put them down an hour ago so you should be alright for the rest of the night." He began taking off his work clothes, which was a sexy business suit, don't get me started on the things I imagine doing with his business tie.

"Well that's good because I was going to have some company come over in a little bit, now how much was it tonight?" He just had his shirt off, but he took out his wallet and came to stand in front of me. Looking down at me expectedly.

"Well.... it will..... be ummm. I think 25 or 30 dollars." Blushing because I could only see, and think about his beautiful chiseled chest in front of me.

"Well that sounds good. How about I just give you 50?" Wide eyed the only thing I could do was nod and take the 50 dollar bill.

"Well I guess I'll see you next weekend Stephanie?" He smiled at me again.

" Of course or if you need me any other time." Walking from his room to the other end of the living room, how was I going to get my underwear? Not looking back I turned down the corridor.

"Hey Stephanie?" Oh no he knows. Walking back into the room I see him kneeling up from under the coffee table holding my still soaking panties. My whole body stiffened from the sight of it all.

"Yes Mr. Louis?" I was surprised at how even it was when my whole body was scream to run.

"Are these ummm... your thongs?" Lifting them up for me to see, and in fact they were mine. But he didn't seem embarrassed he actually seem like he was going to start laughing. Wow, he thinks this is funny. Angry now I walked over to him and grabbed for my thongs but he was already standing and they were out of reach. Looking at them he turned back towards me and smiled.

"Are these your wet panties Steph?" He waded them up in his hand and put them to him nose to sniff. What? He just made this situation even more hot than it was and he was still shirtless.

"Maybe Kevin." Using his first name made me feel a little more powerful. Turning my back to him and crossing my arms, I wonder how this is going to play out?

"Well don't you think you need them?" He was leaning into my ear and whispered. What is he doing? He never acts like this.

"I do need them." Moving around him to get them but he grabbed me around the waist before I could. Lifting the hem of my dress up as well.

"Actually I don't think you will need them tonight, or actually anything else." Taking the hem of my dress and pulling it up and over my head.

"You don't think I'll need any of this stuff?" Tonight was a good night not to wear a bra. Looking down at my naked I could see his body change into a lustful beast. Looking me in the eyes he moved his hand down and slid them between my legs and rubbing my clit. His fingers were so cooled, they made me yelp and grab onto him. Breathing quickly I pulled myself closer to him while he slow slide a finger inside me.

"Oh Kevin." At my words he grabs my waist with his free hand swings me around to his door frame pushing me against it.

"Yes Steph?" He whispers in my ear pushing deeper into my pussy with his large fingers, I could feel myself getting tighter against him.

"Oh Kevin I need you." I pleaded with him.

"Whatever you want." Pulling him fingers out of my slowly, I grabbed for him not to leave. Grinning down at me, he began unbuttoning his pants and slid them down and then his boxers. He already had a hard on. Picking me up from under my knees he pushed against my entrance. It was so large against my tight wetness. Taking it in by hand I put it at the entrance and led it in slowly. I moaned loudly, giving him permission to keep going. He filled me completely and so well.

"Want it faster?" Asking me softly. The only thing I could do was nod, and then I felt him pumping quickly into me. It was so good, I was grabbing at this shoulders for him to go deeper inside me. He started to do it faster and harder, he had only eyes for him going inside me.

"It's okay Steph you can scream my name. I want to hear you scream from me fucking you so hard babe." Looking at my smiling I could help it, I did what he wanted.

"Oh kevin harder, I need you to fuck me. YESSS!" He was hitting the perfect spot.

"DON'T STOP!!!" It was building quickly a lot quicker then if I did it myself but it definitely wouldn't feel this good either.

"Steph I'm going to cum." His face was started to look concentrated. Then I could feel it, my cum started to slip slowly around his cock inside me and out of me. Then he cam hard inside me leaning against the wall with me wrapped around him. Walking to the bed he laid us down on top and stayed deep inside me. Kissing my breasts and working his way up to my mouth I could feel the passion he felt just now.

"Thank you Stephanie. This was amazing." Rolling over on his back he pulled me on top of him cuddling me and falling fast asleep still inside me. This was so perfect. 

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